Splitgate Guide: Tips, Tricks, and How to Play

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Splitgate has launched in beta across all formats and is already proving to be incredibly popular. It was so popular in fact that the servers ran out of space and a queuing system had to be implemented. The full game will now launch in August and will be free to play, but the open beta will continue to run until then.

You can grab the beta here:


I’m not particularly fond of FPS games due to my awful aim but Splitgate is different. Instead of winning by being the best shot, you win by playing tactically. That is thanks to the Portal mechanism. Just like Portal, you can place two oval gates on certain surfaces and travel or fire through them. This allows you to make quick escapes, move across the map in a flash or take sneaky shots.

Here’s all you need to know about the game.

Splitgate Guide: Game Modes

  • Team Deathmatch: Your run-of-the-mill game mode as found in every multiplayer FPS. Shoot the most enemies to win.
  • Team Oddball: A weird mash-up of an FPS and a sports game. In this mode, a ball will appear in the map and one player from your team must pick it up and run to the scoring area. While they have the ball they cannot shoot, so the rest of the team must defend the player.
  • VIP: A mode previously found in Killzone. This game has one of your team designated VIP and you must stop the opposing team from killing them. As a bonus, the VIP player has double health.
  • King of the Hill: The classic ‘capture the zones’ game mode. A  single control zone rotates around the map. You capture the zone to score points.
  • Domination: Almost the same as King of the Hill but this time there are three zones.
  • Team Shotty Snipers: Shotguns and Sniper rifles only. Normally I would hate this game mode but it’s actually a lot of fun.
  • Team Swat: Much like Deathmatch but this time headshots are instant kills.
  • Gun Game: Another interesting mode, this time you’re given a random gun and each kill advances the gun, with melee kills helping even more.
  • Takedown: Another Deathmatch mode but this time you have to wipe out the entire team in one go. Spawn times increase every time you die.

Splitgate Guide: Tips and Tricks

Use Portals!

You would be surprised how many players are running around the beta and not using the game’s key feature. Portals can only be placed on the surfaces with blue triangles but you don’t need to be near the surface to place the portal. As long as you can see the surface you can add a portal.

Splitgate Guide

Splitgate Guide: Portals

You should always drop a portal as soon as you spawn into the game as the area you spawn in is usually safe. If you’re attacked after you’ve proceeded into the main play area, you can drop the other end of the portal and warp back to your safe zone. Make sure you close the portals straight after you’ve jumped through them or the enemy will follow.

You can also fire weapons through portals allowing you to perform sneak attacks. The trick here is to find a location that the enemy would not instantly spot, so you want to look for a place out of the enemy’s eye-line. Somewhere near their spawn area but elevated is always a good call. Drop your safety portal as soon as you spawn, run out to the play area and drop your sneak attack portal, run back and gleefully take out the enemy.

Remember that the blue triangle areas may be on the floor or ceiling. Dropping a portal in the ceiling is another sneaky way to get kills as enemies rarely look up. If you want to be a Splitgate champion you should look up as there are some locations near the top of the maps where you can throw a portal. Zip through these and you will be far above the enemy, You can then use your jetpack to stay in the sky and rain death from above!


Splitgate Guide: Either that’s a portal or a very odd fart

Use Triple Portals before they get nerfed

Players have discovered a very sneaky way to zip around the map at super-high speeds, a technique dubbed ‘the triple portal’. It’s not exactly a cheat but I expect the developers will nerf it at some point.

To triple portal you have to fire your first portal next to your character. You then fire another portal off in the distance. Now step just inside your first yellow portal but not all the way through. You can now reset and refire the purple portal to a new location, reverse your character a step, and bingo, you’re halfway across the map.

Check out this video to see the technique in action

Use Grenades!

The tutorial for Splitgate doesn’t explain this but grenades are not for killing enemy players. They are instead used for destroying enemy portals. You can only hold two grenades at a time so use them wisely.

Learn where Power Weapons spawn

Your standard-issue weapons are fine but if you want to mow down enemies you need to pick up a power weapon. These include a Rail Gun, a Rocket Launcher, a Sniper rifle, an SMG, a Shotgun, a Plasma Rifle, and a Battle Rifle.


Splitgate Guide: The awesome rocket launcher!

Power weapons spawn in certain locations on the map and learning where the spawns are on each map is highly recommended. My favourite trick is to place a portal right next to the power weapon spawn, then retreat to a safe distance. If an enemy jumps up to wait by the weapon spawn you can take them out through your portal, and then run in and grab the weapon for yourself when the countdown expires.

If you’re not going to use a portal then do not camp on the weapon spawn waiting for the count down to finish, enemies may have the same idea and most spawn points are hard to defend. It’s better to sprint past the weapon spawn and check how much is left on the countdown and then find a corner you can defend and wait for the countdown to end. Take one last look around for enemies before you go and pick up your shiny new gun!

Play the game mode

If you want to win VIP, Oddball, or the zone capture modes you are going to have to forget about your K/D ratio. This is most important if you are playing VIP and become the marked VIP player. If this happens, withdraw from battle immediately and find a relatively safe space. Preferably this should be somewhere up high where you can keep an eye for enemy players.

As the VIP has double health you should now be fairly safe. Just keep your head down and only attack if an enemy is coming directly for you. Taking potshots from upon high is only going to give away your location. Stay safe and wait for your teammates to rack up the points by exterminating the enemy VIP.


Splitgate Guide: Going high is always a good idea

Learn the maps

There are currently twenty maps and they’re very hard to learn while someone is taking potshots at you. To get a better feel for them use the Race Training feature from the training section. You should be racing about and collecting balls but you can ignore that and have a nice wander around the map of your choice.

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