What We Played #511 – Hades, Marvel’s Avengers: War for Wakanda & Death’s Door

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It’s been a week where, despite being British, I’ve honestly had no complaints about the weather. Sure, Monday was heckin’ windy, but that was just to blow away all the rubbish weather of the last week and pave the way for the nice, chilled summer feel of the days that followed. A little bit cloudy at times, but plenty of sun as well.

Personally, I’ve kept my time glued to keyboards, controllers and screens pretty low this week. I dabbled with Back 4 Blood last weekend, and enjoyed it, even if i was disappointed to learn that there would be no versus mode campaign. I then took to the link of Mario Golf: Speed Rush (or whatever it’s called) for the new Ranked mode. It’s OK. It matches you up for quick three hole competitions, and there’s a tiny bit of strategy over when to use specials, but it’s sorely lacking in any kind of stakes.

By contrast, Nic B has “been glued to my Switch, playing Black Book and Shadowverse. I’m also back on Pokémon Go, after the day’s boycott last week. Not sure how Niantic’s lip-service response will play out, but it hasn’t been warmly received, that’s for sure!”

Jim ventured into the fantastical fictional kingdom of Wakanda to go hands on with the upcoming War for Wakanda expansion coming to Marvel’s Avengers next week. See his preview here, where he said, “the opening to War for Wakanda almost feels like a standalone Black Panther game as we learn more about the character and his legacy.”

Avengers War for Wakanda Black Panther Screenshot 02

Aran played Eldest Souls for review, which was “alright”, got in more time with his Football Manager 2021 career, and then ran out of motivation for Returnal – “I did like it, but got a little bit bored so have dropped it for now.”

Gamoc has had to take a break from VR, “as my hand swelled up after bug bites,” which sounds like literally the worst. Still, he managed to play Greak and Winds and Leaves for review, snagged the platinum for Ghost of Tsushima, and discovered just how good Hades is before forcing himself to stop so that it wouldn’t completely consume him.

After bouncing off a few titles found in Game Pass, Steve is hoping that the batch of new indie game releases – Garden Story on Switch and Boyfriend Dungeon on Xbox – can keep him entertained. He also finished up his review of the “wonderful but super tough” GRIME.

GRIME Review

Ade popped up with the promise of a Fort Triumph review in the near future – “it’s an intriguing X-COM and Dungeons and Dragons mash-up.” He’s also been playing the “fantastic” Hades, which is a “ruthlessly addictive” exception to his rule of hating roguelikes.

Despite always playing Destiny 2, Tuffcub has not actually played Destiny 2 this week. Instead he played Terminator Resistance Enhanced Edition on PS5. Here’s his impromptu verdict:

You know what? I enjoyed it. Yes, the facial animation is from 15 years ago, yes the first person sex scenes are cringey, and yes, there’s only ten enemy types, but it really gets the Terminator aesthetic, the lighting is great and it does feel like creeping around the post apocalyptic warscape briefly seen in the films. Also it lasts about 15 hours, as all good games should. V.Good,

Seven Woofs out of Ten.

And finally, we come to Dom. He’s been playing Wreckfest, more Monster Hunter Stories 2, and is polishing off a slightly late review of Death’s Door. Expect to be able to read that on Monday.

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  1. This week, I had quite some play time, as my family was away.
    First, I finally finished the story of Shadow of the Tomb Raider. It was by far the weakest of the series, a slog in parts. Luckily, I had short loading times and beautiful 60fps on the PS5, otherwise I’d have given up on it.
    Then, I started Outlast 2, which is not quite as good as the first one, so I moved on to playing Moss. I got my PSVR out after a very long time I had not used it. Moss is excellent, I loved it, and finished the story.
    Then, having my PSVR set up already, I started playing Resident Evil 7 in VR. It wasn’t quite as scary as I expected, but so far I only played the first hour and it’ll get much worse, I’m sure.
    To relax from that, I played some AstroBot Rescue Mission, which is good fun. But it got hot now, so no more PSVR for the moment.

    Oh, and I finally used my new Move controllers, playing some bad Spider-Man demo. My first impression was much worse than what I expected, they’re quite rubbish to use. The system doesn’t even register these the right way around, so you initially may end up having the left hand on the right controller, etc. And you still always need a proper, regular controller nearby, as many menus you simply cannot navigate with the Move. The next guy that tells me some games absolutly need a Move controller I’ll consider even more misguided than before. Overall, the user experience was so bad it made me laugh.

    • Yes, Sony seem to have made a terrible mistake with the Move controllers by not insisting on any consistency between games over which one is which. Not really the fault of the controllers though. It’d be easy to check which one is in which hand. Or even just stick to the same colour for left and right. It’s often, but not always, red for the right hand and pink for the left. Except when a game gets it wrong.

      They’re still absolutely needed for some things though. Good luck playing something like Beat Saber with a DS4.

  2. It’s been a week of frustration with the PS5. A power cut meant it had to reinstall the system software again and wipe the SSD. I miss the days when all the PS4 would do was tell you off for not shutting down properly. Add more internet problems to that, and a 3rd Openreach engineer visiting, and I’m not happy about the whole thing right now. Still, I think we’ve found the problem, and now I just need to download hundreds of gigs of PS5 games. Again.

    Oh, and the PS5 will fail to upload saves sometimes. For PS4 games. I have a new policy of manually uploading the saves every time I close a game.

    Apart from that, lots of Generation Zero, which is still fun. Even after losing my save. And Watch Dogs Legion tempted me in the sale. More fun than the 2nd game. Quite like the random people recruiting. You never know what you’re going to find. So far, about 15% of them are gay, but it’s just quietly mentioned in the details about them. Which seems a sensible way to do it. Also found one who it claims was the second person to marry a badger. Which seems odd.

    And as a bunch of Codemasters games just got added to EA Play (or XBox Game Pass, as some websites have been saying, which isn’t really true, is it?), I’ve been playing Grid. Which I guess is a quite nice looking little racer. Definite Driveclub feel to it. Which is a good thing.

    So an important lesson for PS5 owners… Make sure your saves are uploaded. And probably back them up to a USB stick regularly as well. (Although for some reason, you can’t copy them back if your internet isn’t working. Which makes no sense)

  3. I got the 100% for Borderlands 3 and then thought about playing something shorter and simpler for a while before deciding against and making the decision to try and platinum Monster Hunter World (also Iceborne expansion) so that’ll take up a fair amount of time I think! It seems good so far, although there’s an awful lot to take in and a lot of things don’t seem fully explained. I’ll not be playing this weekend as I’m at a friend’s wedding but I’ll be back on it next week!

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