The Abandoned real time trailer app has launched and people are not happy

Abandoned PS5 trailer app gameplay screenshot

The Abandoned real time trailer app has finally launched. Back in July I wrote “The promotional campaign for PS5 exclusive Abandoned is either the work of a genius or of someone who has no idea what they are doing, I can’t quite decide which,” but now I think we have pretty clear idea it’s the latter.

The Abandoned real time trailer app is just running the same three second trailer that was released on Twitter over a week ago.  It shows a character walking across a wooden floor and that’s it. This is the “Introduction” that was previously teased.


The trailer app was meant launch on August 10th but was delayed due to technical hitches, even though the app was previously delayed. For some reason Blue Box Studios deleted all the tweets about the delays before the app finally launched.

The app has a message at the start which explains there will be no gameplay and that it’s function is simply to show the trailers running in real-time rather than a pre-recorded video.

It appears six more trailers will be released, a Cinematic Reveal Trailer, a Trailer, a Release Trailer, and two gameplay demos, but all of these are “Available soon”.

Internet Sleuths have uncovered six previous games from Blue Box Studios that were, pardon the pun, abandoned. A horror game called “Rewind” was announced in 2015, was then delayed due to technical issues, the put in hold, then the game vanished and the webs site was deleted. PC horror exclusive “The Lost Tape” was announced in 2015, “The Whisperer” in 2017 and “Unseen Faces” in 2018, all of these were never released.

A mobile game was released in 2019 but deleted from the app store, and in 2020 the game “The Haunting” hit Steam in Early Access, got 100% negative reviews, was removed from sale and development was moved to a new studio “Createq Interactive” but that studio does not seem to exist.

It does seem Blue Box got incredibly lucky and were promoted by PlayStation, probably due to Abandoned being a PS5 exclusive, and then the Kojima / Silent Hills conspiracy theories have hyped Abandoned to ridiculous levels. They chances of Abandoned being good, or indeed, ever finished, seem quite slim.

Source: Twitter 1/2

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  1. I have abandoned the app. This company just doesn’t have the standing to justify this kind of ongoing piecemeal tease.

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