Ghost of Tsushima – when should you play Iki Island?

Ghost of Tsushima when to play Iki Island DLC

Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut is finally available on PS4 and PS5. Whether you’re a returning ronin or playing for the first time, you may be asking when is it best to play Iki Island?

This new region was added as DLC to the base game, taking players beyond the shores of Tsushima to hunt down a tyrannical tribe of Mongols looking to conquer Iki Island. You’ll need to put some hours into Ghost of Tsushima before the Tales of Iki quests become available, reaching Act II and the Toyotama region.


Where does the DLC fit into the game’s chronology, you may be asking. Sucker Punch have been pretty clever here, deftly slotting Iki Island into the main game as an almost standalone adventure. Whether you are part way through Act II or diving back into an endgame save file, there isn’t a perfect point at which to set sail for Iki Island. At least not in terms of story.

Some will inevitably argue the new content will enrich the Ghost of Tsushima narrative, adding more depth to Jin as a character. However, you need to consider just how challenging Iki Island is. In fact, the game will throw up a warning if you try to access the DLC, informing players that a true challenge awaits.

That’s certainly true to an extent. Iki Island plays host to a deadly lineup of enemies who will test your skills as a samurai. As long as you have a strong loadout of skills and gear, you shouldn’t have too much of a hard time. After all, if it becomes too brutal, you can always dial down the difficulty.

Ghost of Tsushima Iki Island Armour

There are definitely perks to playing Iki Island before making any more progress in Ghost of Tsushima. It features a handful of useful skills as well as rare equipment and charms that can supercharge your playstyle. We won’t drop any gameplay spoilers though a common complaint many had with GoT was how they’d maxed out Jin long before reaching the end of the game. Iki Island gives you more loadout options to unlock and experiment with.

In summary, you can play the expansion at any point during Jin’s story. Iki Island is a great hook to bring back fans but it also houses some valuable samurai upgrades that could dial up the fun factor once you return Tsushima.

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