PlayStation exclusive Wild has been cancelled according to a report


PlayStation exclusive Wild has been cancelled according to Giant Bomb’s Geoff Grubb. You may need a little reminder about the game as it was revealed in August 2014 and since then we’ve barely heard a peep about the game.


The game is set 10,000 years ago, so basically when it was announced, and “could potentially feature a world as big as Europe”. The game was in some sort of form at Paris Games Week in 2015 as we actually saw the game and wrote a preview. Teflon seemed be impressed with the game.

“What has come from the team at Wild Sheep is a truly enthralling concept” said Tef. “It’s might not be a particularly focussed game with clearly defined objectives and goals, but the potential to grow and explore in a world that will initially start off so hostile to you is quite fascinating. And then there’s the simple fact that you will be able to ride a bear.”

However, that was the last we heard of the game until today. “I can confirm that game is fully done. There is no Wild anymore… Wild is dead,” said Geoff on the GrubbSnaxx video channel.

“I think Michel Ancel abandoned the project, he’s not working on it anymore, the project got shut down,” he adds. “The team that was working on it was looking at maybe trying to stay together and work on other projects.”

That’s a slightly odd comment as Michael Ancel is working on any games at all, he retired from the video games industry in 2020.  However, it was said the team at Wild Sheep Studio had been working on the game without Michael’s input for some while.

The other game Michel Ancel had been working, Beyond Good and Evil 2, has also vanished in to the ether after being announced in 2017.  The last time we had any update on that game was in 2018, Ubisoft said the game was still in development last year but have not released any more information.

Source: GiantBomb / VGC

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