Splitgate PS4 trophies appear but where’s the platinum trophy?

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The Splitgate PS4 trophies have finally been revealed. However, as many fans of the popular shooter have noticed, there isn’t a platinum trophy.


Last month, players had reported that Splitgate trophies were popping in-game yet they couldn’t view the full trophy list via their console menu. The list has now been published and can be found further down this article.

There’s are 19 trophies to unlock in Splitgate and getting that coveted 100% rating is gonna take some serious grinding. You’ll need 1047 match wins to unlock the hardest trophy – and it’s only a silver! There are no golds here and, as previously mentioned, no platinum.

While disappointing for trophy hunters, it’s not all that uncommon. For example, last year’s WWE 2K Battleground didn’t feature a platinum.

Splitgate Trophy List

Name Description Rarity
So it begins… Complete a match Bronze
Veteran Complete 100 matches Bronze
Expert Win 50 matches Bronze
1047 Win 1,047 matches Silver
Killing Spree Get 5 kills without dying Bronze
Killection Agency Get 10 kills without dying Bronze
Fragtastic Get 15 kills without dying Bronze
On Fire Get 500 kills Bronze
Back-2-Back Get 25 double kills Bronze
Crowd Control Get 10 triple kills Bronze
Unstoppable Get a quad kill Bronze
Initiator Get 10 First Blood medals Bronze
Fool Me Once… Get 25 Revenge medals Bronze
2 for 1 Special Get a collateral kill with the Sniper Rifle Bronze
Lasered Get a collateral kill with the Railgun Bronze
Over Here Get 25 kills through portals Bronze
Dangerous Deal 10,000 damage to enemies Bronze
Battle-Hardened Deal 500,000 damage to enemies Bronze
Trickster Get a Portal Kill Silver

A next-gen update for Splitgate will be coming soon. Although currently playable on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S via backwards compatibility, Splitgate hasn’t been fully optimised for these consoles. A next-gen upgrade would likely ramp up the game’s resolution while boosting performance.

Source: TrueTrophies

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