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The Evil Within

TSA staffer Nick P has his own YouTube channel in which he takes deep dives in to games and they’re rather good, so we thought we’d bring them to your attention. His latest is for Bethesda’s The Evil Within, you can check out the video below in which Nick explains the story and analyses the horrific content.


Nick describes The Evil Within as one of his favourite games and I rather liked it when I reviewed it back in 2014, scoring it 8/10. “Despite borrowing a lot of well-worn themes from other games and movies (Hello, creepy shop mannequins from Silent Hill), The Evil Within feels fresh and exciting. It’s easy to recommend to fans of the original Dead Space and the earlier Resident Evil games,” said I.

The game sold well enough to garner a sequel, the imaginatively titled The Evil Within 2. Jim wrote the review for that game, unimpressed by the first title he found the sequel altogether more thrilling.

“With the original game having done so little to impress me, The Evil Within 2 has come as a massive surprise. Although the story still failed to hook me, clever gameplay changes and well-used horror tropes combine to create a vastly-improved sequel,” said Jim in his 8/10 review.

A third game to round of a trilogy of horror has yet to materialise. In May this year it was discovered that ZeniMax, the former parent company of Tango Gameworks before Bethesda were purchased by Microsoft, renewed the trademark for The Evil Within. It was marked as for “continued use”, which may be just to protect existing games or as they do have plans for a trilogy. However, with Bethesda now part of Microsoft it’s unlikely the game would appear on PlayStation 5.

If there is a new game then it’s now going to be out soon, Tango Gameworks are currently working on PS5 exclusive Ghostwire Tokyo.

You may also like to check out Nick’s previous video in which he takes the microscope to another horror classic, Silent Hill.

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