New Dying Light 2 parkour and combat gameplay trailer released

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Dying Light 2: Stay Human is coming out on 7th December 2021, but after quietly working on their game for the last few years Techland have plenty to talk about between now and then. For Gamescom 2021, they’ve released a new trailer to showcase the game’s parkour and combat systems.


There’s plenty of great first person parkour action, from wall jumping to swinging between poles, running along balance beams, and using a grappling hook in tandem with a little paraglider for a ludicrous air-to-ground attack. There’s twice the number of parkour moves in Dying Light 2 compared to the original.

The trailer also showed off some combat with bandits in medieval-style armour. It’s part of Techland’s dark futuristic fantasy vision, as humanity has descended into more archaic forms of living amidst the structure of a modern city like the game’s rendition of the fictional city of Villedor.

The parkour has even been integrated into the combat with the vault move usable on enemies to stagger them, leap up into the air to smash foes, and more. That move is expected to be a really integral new part of getting through fights, especially against the more frequent battles against human foes.

Just a few hours ago, Techland also revealed what ray tracing tracing will look like in the game, pairing up with Nvidia with GeForce RTX graphics cards.

Last month, Techland also revealed some new special zombies that you’ll come across and have to battle including the Revenant and Banshee.

Techland are building up to Dying Light 2’s release later this year on 7th December 2021. Before then, they’ve partnered with Dynamite Entertainmnet to create a comic book set in the Dying Light world, called Banshee: I Am The Cure. The comic book will be available at retail later this year, or as a free digital version that you can grab from until July 15.

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