The fluffy, furious, and free-to-play Super Animal Royale is now available on consoles

Super Animal Royale
Super Animal Royale

Super Animal Royale launched on PC way back in 2018 but has finally made it’s way to PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One, with a Stadia release coming soon. According to the press release the game is also live on Nintendo Switch but it doesn’t seem to be available just yet.

It’s another Battle Royale game but his one is 2D and features floofy animals who murder each other. If you ever wanted to see a panda take down a penguin with a machine gun, this is the game for you.


The game is free to play and includes cross-play match making so you will be able to fight against the 3 million players who are already pulling each other’s fur out on PC. There is also cross platform progression, and cross platform parties will be added in a future update.

You can download the game from these links.

As the game leaves Early Access it also launches Season One wouldn’t you know it, there’s a Season Pass with 49 tiers of unlockable cosmetics, currency, and other bonuses. Consoles owner who missed out on previous content can also activate the Animal Pass Archive which allows them to earn bobbins from previous Animal Passes that they missed out on while game was only on PC.

There’s also a new Start Pack with the Super Warrior Skullcat, the Warrior Outfit, and the Macuahuitl melee weapon, and enough credit to buy the first Season Pass so that’s a good way to get in to the game.

Super Animal Royale

Super Animal Royale

If the super furry smackdown becomes too much then you can also visit your own ranch and engineer some extra cute mini animals. These will follow you around while you are alive and rather heartbreakingly, if you die they will curl up and fall asleep beside your grave. Here’s a full run down of what’s included in the go live patch.

  • Season 1 arrives alongside the Animal Pass Archive that lets you activate previous seasons that you own alongside the current season (no more FOMO!) 
  • New cross-play platforms: Nintendo Switch, PS4, and PS5 join Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S (cross-play matchmaking and cross-save supported today, and cross-platform parties for duos and squads coming in the future) 
  • Mini Animal pets: yes, your Super Animal can now have a smaller animal as a pet. 
  • Map update: Super Animal Farm expands to include Mini Ranch, a petting zoo for Mini Animals 
  • Super Frogs 
  • New Super Powerups + changes to existing Super Powerups 
  • Variety x SAR Petember collaboration to raise funds for assistance dogs for kids in need 
  • Steam achievements 
  • South America server + Brazilian Portuguese language 
  • Controller improvements, gameplay refinements, gun balancing, performance improvements, and more! 

Source: Press release

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