What We Played #513: Destiny 2, Psychonauts 2, and Ghost of Tsushima

Ghost of Tsushima Iki Island Trophy List

It appears someone has kidnapped Dom, who usually does WWP so I, Tuffcub, have stepped in to the breach to cover this week. That also means I get to waffle on about Destiny 2! Woo!

Obviously I have been playing Destiny 2, the new season has launched with a fairly decent new six player activity and to continue the story. I think Bungie teased Osiris’ fate a little to much in the run up to the reveal so it was no big shock, and as they also revealed The Witch Queen expansion (which features Savathûn) the impact of the reveal was some what lessened.

That said, there’s plenty to do and I have finally bitten the bullet and started levelling up my other two characters so they can head in to the Vault of Glass.  Oh, and cross play is live, PC and Xbox players can now join the TSA clan!

Jason gets bonus points as he has also jumped back in to Destiny 2 and “God damn the guns feel good!” He’s also been playing Boyfriend Dungeon and ended up dating Seven, “Who I miss every day”, and Rocket League, where the “toxicity has been unusually high all week.”

Nick P has been exclusively playing No More Heroes 3 this week for review, as has Miguel who is “loving it”. Meanwhile Jake is celebrating getting the Platinum Trophy in Rogue Company. He has also been playing  Ratchet and Clank 2 on PS Vita and would not recommend it. “Whoever decided the make the analogue sticks super sensitive and to map the L2/ R2 buttons to the rear touchpad should go to prison,” he rages.

Nic B has been playing  fair bit of Pokémon Go as Niantic have reverted the interaction distance much to everyone’s delight.  He’s also been delving in to Shadowverse and Black Book, trying to 100% the games so he can wipe them and make room for something new on his Switch

Gareth has played “all of Ghost of Iki”, the recently released expansion to Ghost of Tsushima. “It’s really good,” he says, “But it’s short, it’s not worth £70 if you’ve played the main game before.” He’s also been playing Hades, God of War, Far Cry 5, Beat Saber, Pistol Whip, Outriders and Horizon Zero Dawn as it now runs at 60fps on PlayStation 5. On top of those he’s also delved in to the Riders Republic beta which he describes as “pretty fun if you can survive the weapons grade cringe that make up the cutscenes.”

Steve has been “shocked at how many cool indies have been released this month” and dived into Garden Story and Hades, and is looking forward to Psychonauts 2. Handily, Stefan has been playing that game for our review. “I  got one of the exceedingly catchy tunes from the game stuck in my head and figured out that it’s because it’s very similar to the Italian national anthem,” he says, qualifying his off statement with “It’s one of the better national anthems out there.”

Ade was stuck with a dilemma. “There was whole lot of stuff I could have played this week: Iki Island, Riders Republic Closed Beta, Overcooked: All You Can Eat,” he says, “But none of those game were Hades so I opted to play Hades instead.”

He also tells me he has been practicing balloon modelling as he has a “gig” this weekend. The mind boggles.

What about you? Have you played anything this week? More importantly, have you modelled any balloon animals?

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  1. A few more hours of Train Valley 2 for me this week (putting the gaming rig to good use, I’m sure you’ll all agree!) and for some unholy reason last night I decided to resume playing the red series in Trackmania Turbo after a 2 year break. It’s probably more accurate to call the game Trackmania Bastard. Or maybe Trackbastard Bastard. Or probably just Fucking Bastard. I hate that I’m hooked again.

  2. I’ve been playing Monster Hunter World, I just need to get 3 more monsters to complete the story, which I think is when the game really opens up?
    Inbetween, I’ve also been platinumed Bear With Me and Demetrios : A Cynical Adventure so that I don’t get burnt out of Monster Hunter and to also work on my backlog a bit. I’m currently also working on Edna and Harvey : The Breakout.
    I’ve a festival to attend this weekend and our kitchen is being installed the next couple of weeks, so gaming time might be patchy but I’m aiming to make the most of the Bank Holiday.
    In relation to the TSA website, is there any reason the site makes me re-authenicate my account by resending the verification email each time I try to log in now? It’s been happening the past couple of weeks, I’ve tried it in different browsers but I keep having to re-authenicate. I don’t mind occasionally, but each week seems a bit odd and is mildly annoying…

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