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Travis Touchdown is back in No More Heroes 3, and it’s another great showcase of Suda51’s creative brilliance. As you’re playing, you might be wondering where you friend got that fresh tee from? Are you stuck on where to earn more currency? Not sure what the best upgrade chips are? Well don’t worry, we’ve got you.

Here is a handy guide to getting started in the world of No More Heroes 3.

Unclog some Save Points

A simple one, this. Use the loo and you’ll save the game. Simple! To get more save spots, there’s more toilets marked on your map that can be used once you unclog them. It’s easy going and all you need to do is use the left stick to find the sweet spot and hold it in place. Once it’s done, a command will appear on screen to wiggle the right stick up and down. Please enjoy your new bog.


It’s recommended to get these done as soon as you can to make it quicker getting to save points.

No More Heroes 3 Save Toilet Guide

Don’t forget to wash your hands when you save.

How to Fast Travel

This is another thing you should take advantage of right away, unless you really fancy driving around. Once you unlock a new area, you can just press Y from the map screen and fast travel to your heart’s content. Easy peasy.

What are Designated Matches?

There are two types of Designated Matches: blue and red. Before you can challenge each boss, it tells you in the top right of the screen how many of each you need to complete to continue, with the smaller orbs being blue and the larger being red. However, you shouldn’t stop once the requirements are met. You will still earn valuable currency for completing the rest of the matches so it’s well worth it.

No More Heroes 3 Lab Guide

Shouldn’t Travis be wearing a lab coat?

Visit the Lab

It’s not really pointed out at the start but below your apartment, there’s a lab to explore. This is where you can spend your hard earned WESN on upgrading Travis’ skills, create and equip chips for the Death Glove, use the Time Machine to fight old bosses, and buy some sushi.

Let’s use the Time Machine again

The Time Machine is a fantastic source of resources, both in terms of currency and upgrade materials for chips. The regular difficulty is free, but as you move up, it costs WESN to start the fight, but with rewards that are far greater. The Velvet Chair Girl boss fight is a particularly good source of WESN mid game as the boss is incredibly simple to beat, even on Death difficulty. Each time you repeat a mission, you do get diminishing returns.

Upgrade your Death Glove with the Chip Machine

Once you’ve collected a bunch of lovely materials in battle, you can use them to build chips for you Death Glove using the Chip Machine in the Lab. You can fit up to three in the glove and there are a wide range of benefits. I can recommend the Ginga Chip, which offers extra time slow after a perfect dodge, and the 80 Chip, which alters you when you are close to collectibles. Of course you can mix and match as you see fit, but these are my current favourites.

No More Heroes 3 Death Glove Guide

These chips are pretty great.

Which Skill upgrades are best?

Upgrading your skills is vital to getting through the game. Primarily you want to focus on attack damage, energy and new skills because they can really get you out of a pinch. At any time, you can reallocate your WESN for an amount of UtopiCoins.

Chow down on some sushi

Sushi is invaluable for getting through some tough encounters and can be purchased from any of the DonMai Sushi stands around the map, or directly before some boss fights. It’s also recommended to have an Eat In meal before big fights and they send you into the next battle with a buff.

Take on the Volunteer Missions

Volunteer Missions serve as a breakaway from the combat, affording you the opportunity to earn some extra scratch. The best way to keep track of this all is to check the map and the map icons.

Here’s the different mission types:

  • Defence Missions – These missions are very simple and just involved beating waves of enemies. There’s not much else to report, but it’s worth checking the same locations as you progress through the story as more missions can be unlocked in those areas.
  • Garbage Eliminator – These missions will task Travis with wading through the mud and picking up litter, while trying to dodge alligators. Alligators are actually very easy to maneuver around and are easily spotted with the bubbles they produce. If you do get caught, just press the on screen prompt in time and you will suplex that gator!
  • Lawn Mower Missions – Deceptively tough, but worth a decent amount of coin. The simple trick here is utilising the overheat meter to get more oomph out of your mow. Also, your fancy turn is amazing for either doubling back on yourself or taking sharp corners.
  • Coast Guard – These missions see you using a mounted cannon to fend off alligators (man, Suda51 must really hate alligators). These are easy at first until different coloured alligators are thrown into the mix. The simple tip is to always prioritise the blue ones as they move lightning quick.
  • Mining – Get in the cave, mine the rocks and get out. As you travel around the cave, you will come across random enemies to fight but there’s nothing really special to pay attention to.
  • Highway Chases – These can be difficult but once you’ve mastered your corners and the nitro button, you will be well away. Taking out others’ cards is good as it nets you extra time but always remember to focus down the boss.
  • Volunteer Collect-A-Thon Missions (not official name) – Around the map you find people who ask you to collect things for them or just go around planting trees. Doing this get you more currency and is made infinitely easier by equipping that 80 Chip we were talking about earlier.

Get to the Gacha Machines

To unlock the Gacha Capsule Machines, you’ll need to first complete the Sweet and Dangerous gem adventure side quest in Thunderdome’s Neo Osaka. Once the series of quests have been completed, you’ll be given a key which is used at the motel to open the room with the machines. There are three machines: one selling Alien Gacha for 200 Yc, another selling Assassin Gacha for 300 Uc and the final one selling Battle Recreation Gacha for 1000 Uc.

No More Heroes 3 Tshirt Guide

Do yOu LikE FasHion?

Earn some new T-Shirts

Finally, if you’re wanting some new threads, don’t forget to visit the T-Shirt aliens dotted around the map. Each one has a different requirement for unlocking a new T-Shirt. Once you get one, you can’t buy the next one straight away. You have to complete another mission first and then return to the vendor.

That should be all you need to get started. So what are you waiting for? Go and enjoy the Garden of Insanity.

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