Hood: Outlaws and Legends Season One: Samhain is live

Hood: Outlaws & Legends hero classes

Hood: Outlaws and Legends first season, called Samhain, has now gone live. This first season for the game introduces a brand new character called Eidaa, a hybrid character who uses both sword and sorcery. Eidaa can dodge and parry against enemies but players will have to be nimble with her as Eidaa has lower health than other characters. The abilities she has include replenishing gearboxes, bombs that slow down and damage enemies, and her ultimate is a magic shield that blocks incoming range attacks.

Hood: Outlaws and Legends Season One also sees a rework of the winch system, which now has a score system attached. Completing objectives will mean that when it comes to winching the team will have a head start over the opposition. Three new maps are also being added in the co-op State Heist mode. These maps are called Mountain, Coastal, and Marshland. Those names should give players an insight into what to expect when traversing them. The first battle pass for the game has also been released which will contain outlaw appearances, weapons, and banners.

In our review for Hoods: Outlaws & Legends, Gareth wrote:

Hood: Outlaws and Legends has some good ideas, but the execution is a little lacking. The one mode here is enjoyable but it gets very repetitive, with the clunky combat, slow matchmaking and poor, though admittedly amusing AI, taking the fun out of it. With more variety, whether in the form of different modes or with each map having its own objectives, this could have been a winner, but as it stands it’s got a lot of squandered potential.
If you want to give the game a go then you can on Steam, where it is free to play this weekend until the end of September 5th. It also has a 40% discount.
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