Hunter’s Arena Legends update 1.07 live with new SP event

Hunter's Arena: Legends PS5 update cross invite

A new patch for August PlayStation Plus title Hunter’s Arena: Legends is now live. Update 1.07 is available on PS5, PS4, and PC versions of the battle royale title.


What does this latest update do? Korean developer Mantisco have rolled out some bug fixes for Hunter’s Arena while also rebalancing a number of its playable characters.

As with any highly competitive online game, there’s a need to constantly review match data, ensuring all Legends are viable and none of them become too overpowered.

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Those playing Hunter’s Arena this weekend will also bank themselves extra in-game currency. The new 1.5x SP event will run between September 4th at 00:00 and September, 5th, 11:55pm(BST). Keep reading for the latest patch notes and hero balancing records.

Hunter’s Arena Legends Update 1.07 Patch Notes

Hero Balance Adjustments


  • Damage dealt to grounded enemies has increased.
  • Damage dealt to airborne enemies has descreased,
  • “Devastating Dash” charging speed and changing direction speed has increased.
  • “Rock Breaker” motion delay after using the skill has decreased.
  • “Groundbreak” now Ground Stuns the enemy.
  • Ground Stun – Stunned on the ground for 3 seconds.
  • “Earthquake” now Ground Stuns the enemy when fully charged.
  • Ground Stun – Stunned on the ground for 3 seconds.
  • “Inner Peace” completion time has decreased.
  • “Inner Peace” now activates when using basic attack after running or using Quickstep.
  • Other skills can be used in the middle of “Inner Peace”


  • Damage dealt to grounded enemies has increased.
  • Damage dealt to airborne enemies has descreased,
  • “Valiant Charge” charging speed and changing direction speed has increased.
  • “Fist of Gods” now Ground Stuns the enemy.
  • Ground Stun – Stunned on the ground for 3 seconds.
  • Stamina is gradually restored while using “Meditation”


  • “Spectral Dash” motion delay increased after additional press.
  • “Spectral Dash” delay increased between initial and additional press.

Wu Kong

  • “Earth Cleave” range has decreased after “Heavenly Figure”.

Character Bug Fixes


  • Losing attack phase while basic attacking has been fixed.
  • Skill projectile’s lock on targeting has been fixed.


  • “Meditation” cooldown time displaying differently on skill icon from real cooldown has been fixed.

Bug Fixes

  • Not being able to use any skills when entering the arena has been fixed.
  • Being able to enhance equipment in inventory tab has been fixed.
  • Teleporting to a wrong place when entering a portal while being hit has been fixed.
  • Becoming hidden even not inside the bush has been fixed.
  • Phantom Hunter and demons fighting each other has been fixed.
  • Wu Kong being able to evade Super Skill using cancel quickstep has been fixed.
  • Cooldown not displaying for Ara after using the passive skill has been fixed.
  • Being able to use guard in the middle of Escape skill has been fixed.
  • Falling motion showing up when on top of the statue in the starting island has been fixed.
  • Other UI/localization has been fixed.

System Update

  • Profile’s “Average Kills” now shows up to 2 decimal points.
  • You can now spectate your Trio teammates once you die by pressing L1, R1.
  • Ingame quests have been added to Battle Royale modes. Ingame quests will help you learn game mechanics better and also provide SP rewards on completition.
  • Daily quests will now become Ingame quests.

Rank Points System

We were aware of the issue where some users would receive abnormal amounts of RP after each match. Since we tracked many users who encountered this issue, we have decided to normalize the rank of applicable accounts. Therefore, rank of some users will fall drastically and we would like to apologize for the inconvenience. We would like to let you know that your rank has to be fixed in order to have the rankings return to normal.

As well, in compensation on our fault on the rank issue, we are going to revise the ranking rewards as follows.

Dalgi, Sandy Hunter’s Rangers skin: Legend rank Top 500 -> All Legend rank players by the end of the season.
Legend rank Top 3 -> Legend rank Top 10

Aside from fixing the rank and MMR issues, we are also going to introduce a brand new RP system. In the new system, we will make sure that all of our players will be able to see how the ranking system works. This is currently in the works, so please be patient.

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