Ghostwire Tokyo gameplay shown at PlayStation Showcase

New Ghostwire Tokyo gameplay has been shown during the PlayStation Showcase.

The first person horror game is the latest project from developer Tango Gameworks, who created The Evil Within and its sequel, The Evil Within 2.

This latest gameplay trailer gives us a much better look at the setting, story, and characters, including the main hero.

The citizens of Tokyo have seemingly vanished in a cataclysmic event, the city now overrun with ghostly beings known as Visitors. Ghostwire Tokyo plays out in first person as you go in search of answers, chasing a mysterious cult-like group while throwing down against paranormal entities using a mix of magic and karate. Here’s the blurb from the Ghostwire Tokyo PS5 gameplay trailer:

Tokyo is overrun by deadly supernatural forces, perpetrated by a dangerous occultist known as Hannya, causing Tokyo’s population to vanish in an instant. Ally with a powerful spectral entity on their quest for vengeance and master a powerful arsenal of abilities to unravel the dark truth

There’s no release date for Ghostwire Tokyo on PS5 yet.

Despite Microsoft’s acquisition of the game’s publisher, Bethesda, it will remain a timed PlayStation exclusive alongside Deathloop.

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