Gran Turismo 7 is coming out in March 2022

Gran Turismo 7

A new trailer for Gran Turismo 7 has been revealed at the PlayStation Showcase, giving us a release date for the game. Gran Turismo 7 is coming out on 4th March 2022 for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 – yes, it’s definitely, 100% a cross-gen game release.

The trailer was a fantastic look at the next entry in the long-running racing game series. It gave us a good look at the Livery Editor in GT7, a feature that’s been enhanced from its version in GT Sport, and you can then take your decked out car to the Scapes mode for even more realistic digital photography.

The game will feature new versions of classic tracks like Trial Mountain and High-Speed Ring, with Polyphony having dug into the track designs and enhanced their level of detail for the PS5. The same is true for all of the cars in the game, with car collection and tuning once more at the heart of the experience. The used car dealership will return, and so will GT Auto, for when you want a quick oil change, and more in depth car modifications to the roll cage, wheels and so on.

Also making a comeback are time and weather changes. Polyphony has looked to the skies and huge amounts of meteorological data to recreate “spatial / time of day conditions for particle size distribution and concentration distribution of aerosol particles in the atmosphere on a global environmental scale”.

In other words… there will be weather and it’ll look pretty spiffy.

All of this is living up to the promise of the game as outlined in an interview earlier this year. Series creator Kazunori Yamauchi told Octane Japan, “While inheriting elements such as the [FIA] championship realized in Sport, Gran Turismo 7 will return to the royal purpose of full volumes like [Gran Turismo] 1-4, and provide the best Gran Turismo experience at present.”

Source: PS Blog

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  1. Great news
    I wasn’t expecting the release date announcement but very happy to get that wrong, especially as it’s six months earlier than what I thought.

    • I mean, announcing a release date hasn’t stopped Polyphony from delaying GT games in the past…

      • I can’t remember a GT game that wasn’t delayed (maybe the 1st) but I’m keeping my fingers crossed number 7 won’t be delayed again.

  2. It looked incredible. I couldn’t tell what was game footage and what was video for some of it. Can’t wait!

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