Report: PS5 Pro to launch 2023/2024


The Moore’s Law Is Dead Youtube channel is claiming to have  news about a new model of PlayStation 5. The PS5 Pro, an enhanced version of the current console, is “confirmed” according the channel and they are “100%” sure it is coming out.

Given that the the PS4 was given a mid life-cycle refresh than those claims seem a rather obvious guess than a ground breaking leak. Well done them.


There are no details of what the Pro version of the PlayStation 5 could include, but the channel suggests it could play games in 8K and be used to Sony’s 8K TVs. However, this seems very unlikely as many people are still upgrading to 4K, the move to 8K is going to take a good few years and there won’t be significant demand even by 2023.

Given that Sony can’t make enough original PlayStation 5’s at the moment, it also seems unlikely a PS5 Pro model would launch as soon as 2023. The price for the console is said to be $600-$700 which is a hell of a lot of money, especially for those upgrading from a standard PS5.

Will there be a PS5 Pro? Maybe, there’s bound to a be a refresh to the console at some point, whether or not that includes a hardware upgrade remains to be seen. 8K gaming is barely a thing on high end PCs and a very small number of people will have an 8K TV in the next couple of years. Making the PS5 Pro 8K seems rather pointless.

What’s more likely in the next couple of years is a PS5 ‘Slim’ model. However, given just how much of the massive PS5 case is used for cooling, slimming the gigantic heffalump of console in to a smaller form factor will be difficult.

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  1. I also think that’s a bit early for a Pro version. With the PSVR 2 rumoured to be out next year then a Pro out the following year or two that’s three big buys in four to five years for the die hard fans, probably a bit too much for most.

  2. I’m not falling for that again this time xD

  3. Even if it were true, it’s completely irrelevant for me.
    First, I think it is rather tragic if big AAA titles with triple digit million budgets only strive for excellent graphics but mostly forget to come up with a half decent story. These games don’t interest me, they’re boring and a waste of money and time. Thankfully, games as a whole are becoming more mature and there’s lots of games that offer a good story and 8k and stuff is irrelevant then. Second, I was perfectly happy with my standard PS4 and never needed once a Pro for all these years.

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