Football Manager 2022 November release date confirmed – Day One in Game Pass for PC and Xbox

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Football Manager 2022 and the console oriented FM22 Xbox Edition will be coming out on 9th November, Sega and Sports Interactive have confirmed. Not only that, but the game will be available on day one in Xbox Game Pass for both PC and Xbox consoles.

Football Manager 2022 Mobile for iOS and Android is also due out on November 9th, but the Nintendo Switch release date of Football Manager 2022 Touch is not yet confirmed.


The latest entry in the long-running management sim will apparently bring new and progressive ways for you to go on a winning streak with you chosen team, with SI planning to unveil new game features in the coming weeks. While the studio has committed to bringing women’s football into Football Manager for the first time, that will not be this year. That will be a multi-year project as they want to achieve a similar level of depth and detail to the simulation as currently exists for their representation of the men’s side of the sport.

Miles Jacobson, Sports Interactive’s Studio Director, said: “FM22 will break new ground for the Football Manager series as we arrive on Day One with Xbox Game Pass. The success of our return to Xbox last year surpassed even our expectations and we’re delighted to be expanding our partnership with Microsoft to give Game Pass members the chance to experience the closest thing to being a real football manager.”

The announcement seems to strengthen the ties between Microsoft and Sports Interactive, with no sign of a PlayStation version of the series. Football Manager 21 was an Xbox exclusive and the first home console release in the series since 2007, taking the foundations of Football Manager Touch for the simplified user interface and play with a controller. It was an Xbox console exclusive, and in a rather revealing statement, Sports Interactive boss Miles Jacobson stated this was simply down to the fact that Microsoft persistently asked for Football Manager to be on their consoles and willingly provided Xbox dev kits, while “Sony didn’t.” It doesn’t seem as if Jacobson’s openness on the matter has helped to thaw the relationship…

If you can’t wait to play Football Manager 2022 on Xbox Game Pass, then I have good news for you: FM21 is already on the subscription service, having been added to the game library back in March.

Football Manager 2021 combines the best elements of previous games and undergoes a dramatic improvement that cuts deeper than the superficial. It’s heavy, detailed, and been given a new texture by a more personal take on management.

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