Something for the Weekend – 11/09/21

Spider-Man 2 Header

The biggest news of the week all came out of the PlayStation Showcase, giving us a bunch of trailers and games to look forward to over the coming months and years. With plenty of highlights, let’s dive straight in to our weekly gaming round-up!

In the News This Week

Outside of the Showcase, it wasn’t exactly quiet in the gaming world either…

Games in Review

It wasn’t just a busy week in terms of news, we had plenty of reviews too:

And from the hardware reviews, Dom was impressed with Lucidsound’s budget headset:

Featured Articles

Naturally, the previews took a bit of a back seat this week. Alexis looked at the Early Access title, Dream Cycle which features a bonkers 10,000 levels that are procedurally generated. Elsewhere, Adrian explored what the WWF: No Mercy game from the Nintendo 64 can teach us for the upcoming AEW video game.

Finishing off the week as usual, What We Played featured WarioWare, Tales of Arise & Life Is Strange: True Colors.

Trailer Park

Gran Turismo 7 is coming out in March 2022

God of War: Ragnarok has a new trailer

Square Enix reveal a new trailer Forspoken, out Spring 2022

Spider-Man 2 first trailer revealed

Your Achievements

Here’s what you in our community has been up to this week:

  • TSbonyman downloaded and then immediately bounced off Destiny 2’s need to grind up to level. So he had fun with Wolfenstein: The New Order instead and got close to the end of The Raven Remastered.
  • MrYd’s troubles with PS5 stability extended to No Man’s Sky’s new update, which crashed so hard he had to unplug the console from the wall, which broke the system install… again. Still, he managed to finish off Watch Dogs: Legion which he enjoyed, surprised himself by also having fun with Predator: Hunting Grounds from PS+, and dashed through the “short, but very good” Transference.
  • tactical20 played WarioWare, saying “it’s brilliant!”

Phew! That was quite the round up. Enjoy the weekend and I’ll see you again soon!