F1 2021 free Portimao update is out today – Imola & Jeddah release roadmap revealed

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Codemasters has released the first major free content update for F1 2021, adding the Portimao circuit for the Portuguese Grand Prix for all players, while also outlining a roadmap for further track additions through the rest of the year.

The free F1 2021 update does more than just add the Portimao circuit, as it also rolls out a car performance update to keep track of the relative team standings and car pace with the real world championship. On a more cosmetic side of things, there’s also the addition of the Aston Martin Safety Car, which has been alternating duties with the Mercedes Safety Car through the 2021 season.

Lastly, there’s a free trial for Xbox and PlayStation that has gone live today via their respective digital stores. The trails includes the opening of the Braking Point story, lets you try out the opening weekend for the My Team mode, and also features the Italian Grand Prix at Monza. So, if you want to try to recreate the tumultuous events of yesterday’s race, you can!

Today’s update is the first of three free content drops as Codemasters continue to flesh out the remaining tracks from the 2021 season – the chopping and changing of the F1 calendar has seen the studio having to adapt their production schedule. October will see the addition of Imola, and November will add the Jeddah Street Circuit.

Here’s the roadmap from today’s update through to the November update:

    • From September 13, 2021
      • Updated Car Performances
      • Portimao
      • New Aston Martin Safety Car
      • Free Trial on Xbox & PlayStation
    • October 2021
      • Imola
      • F1® Sports Update
    • November 2021
      • Jeddah Street Circuit
      • F2 2021 Season

F1 2021 Free Content Update

F1 2021 was another strong entry in Codemasters’ long-running F1 series, building on last year’s already excellent entry with a new story mode. In our F1 2021 review I wrote:

“F1 2021 is one of the broadest depictions of the sport ever created, building on familiar cars and handling alongside returning multiplayer, esports, and My Team career modes, while the new Braking Point story gives you a taste of the teammate drama you loved to watch (and mock) in Netflix’s Drive to Survive.”

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