Farming Simulator 22 will release with online crossplay on all platforms

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Developer GIANTS Software has confirmed that Farming Simulator 22 will launch with online cross-play from day one, across all available platforms.

The sim sequel is due to launch on November 22nd with no gaming system left behind. Apart from the Nintendo Switch. Farming Simulator 22 will not only come to PC and Mac PC, but PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One. A Google Stadia version is also in the works.

GIANTS has triumphantly announced that it will break down the barriers separating the Farming Simulator community. Regardless of your platform, you’ll be able to join or invite players, working together to manage your farm, expand your agriculture empire, or just have a bit of a mess around.

“The successful implementation of cross-play marks a major advancement for the multiplayer experience in the now self-published Farming Simulator series”, comments Boris Stefan, Head of Publishing at GIANTS Software.

“With the series becoming more and more popular around the world, and the fan base growing on PC and consoles alike, we can now connect virtual farmers without restrictions. Cooperative farming evolves”.

With online multiplayer becoming more of a focus for the series, GIANTS has invested more in giving you options to customise your character. While it’s not quite Black Desert, long-time fans of the franchise will delight in designing a farmer to represent them in-game.

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Farming Simulator has always been somewhat of a sleeping giant, each entry selling millions of copies across various devices. It even has its own competitive esports scene where farmers clash online in a specially designed game mode.

In our Farming Simulator 19 review, we scored the latest game in the series a solid 7/10:

I have mixed feelings about Farming Simulator 2019. For a biennial release, I would initially have expected more, so this might start off feeling like a large expansion rather than a new game. Get further into the game, you’ll start to enjoy the new features and vehicles, and the little improvements build up to what is still an enjoyable farming game at heart. For newcomers, the initial grind might be off putting to some, but the wealth of things you can do in the game will keep you entertained for hours.

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