What We Played #516 – Deathloop, Lost Judgment & Call of Duty: Vanguard

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There’s been so much going on this week that I’ve really had to focus on just a few specific games. As such it’s mostly been about Lost in Random with a side portion of American sports through NBA 2K22 and some more Madden. Hopefully, I’m going to get some time with Eastward this weekend, but we’ll see about that!

Deathloop Combat

Aran has played Deathloop which, if you couldn’t tell from his 10/10 review, he thinks is completely and utterly fantastic. Jim, on the other hand, dipped into the Call of Duty: Vanguard beta while it’s been available. When it’s not, he’s been flipping between Ghost of Tsushima: Legends and Marvel’s Avengers. He tells us, “I’m still very surprised at how Legends somehow manages to translate GoT’s gameplay to online multiplayer. The new Rivals mode is great fun and gives players another way of unlocking that top-tier loot. Marvel’s Avengers has been a fun romp too though there are niggling things around its mission design and limp loot that still hold it back slightly. Will definitely be swinging back into it for the Spider-Man DLC.”

Nick P dipped back into Fortnite as the new season kicked off, and he’s also been putting more time into Dead by Daylight, learning the ropes as a survivor. He’s enjoying it, saying “I still can’t believe I haven’t played this sooner!”

Nic B has been finishing off the Pokémon Sword/Shield DLC, in anticipation of Legends of Arceus and Diamond/Pearl coming out later this year and the start of next. Oh, and it almost goes without saying but he’s played a fair amount of Pokémon Go. Eagle-eyed Londoners may spot him roaming the streets this weekend looking for an Oshawott on Sunday’s community day!

Stepping back onto the review train, Jason has been playing Lost Judgment saying that it’s “absolutely incredible so far”, as well as Paradise Killer, “which is weird, good, and horny”. Finally he’s also spent his alotted time with Rocket League, where people apparently seem to be getting even more toxic, which is impressive.

Lost Judgment Adventure

Steve finally got the 1000gs for Hades and so he’s walking away now. He definitely enjoyed it though, saying it’s a “possible game of the decade there”. That game completed, he’s hopped back onto his PC, with The Shore “really nailing the feeling and scale of Lovecraftian horror before descending into the inevitable running around dark mazes and unsatisfactory ending”. Apparently it’s worth a look for those opening couple of hours though. He also played the “weird” Tree of Ranchuria. He says, “It’s a lovely walk around a beautifully rendered landscape with some not so well translated philosophical musings on justice and being”. To top the week off he’s exploring Gamepass new and old with Ikenfell getting played before it leaves and Flynn: Son of Crimson being installed the second it landed. He also really needs to get back to Psychonauts 2 too!

Gareth has mostly played No Man’s Sky all week, but with the added difficulty of stick drift on his right analog stick. Now he’s playing the waiting for an email from Sony game. Thankfully he can borrow a Dualsense from a friend who has a spare or he’d be demoted to only playing VR games that use Move.

Tuffcub has reverted to type and played Destiny 2 while Miguel has had a light gaming week because he’s in the middle of moving to a new apartment. The new Fortnite season started though so he spent a couple of mornings chilling and playing that before it was time to pack his PC up!

Finally, we come to Tef, who has continued to unpack things. This week, he’s set up his 55″ TV in a room that doesn’t really suit a 55″ TV, hooked up his PS5 to it to download all the updates it needs after the last couple weeks, and set up his desk and PC. Has he played any actual games, though? Well, he’s dipping back into WarioWare here and there, is about to start his journey through Sable, and has been able to sample some super secret things that you’ll hear about in the coming days and weeks.

Now, what about you? What have you played?

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  1. After a weekend away, the most uncomfortable cinema seats ever have been causing some back trouble all week. (This months new Marvel film was fun though).

    So sure, why not download something else that will get me sat in front of the TV for dozens of hours? Tales of Arise will keep me going for a long time. Looks gorgeous, everything else seems to be a perfectly refined version of the previous games. Combat looks simple, but is actually quite complex. But you sort of learn without really trying and suddenly find you’re stringing 100+ hit combos together after the first dozen hours.

    And a bunch of other stuff here and there, but mostly that one game. I’m impressed by it. Very impressed.

    • I loved Shang Chi! Definitely worth the uncomfortable seat, though the back pain sounds rubbish!

      I need to clear some games off the backlog before I’m allowed to buy Tales of Arise.

  2. After playing Telltale Batman the weeks before, I realised I had another Telltale game in my backlog, The Walking Dead. I’ve no idea whether I got it on Plus, but it was very good, with a great ending, too. It’s sad there’s no Telltale anymore, games with a decent story are sometimes still not easy to find.

    Then I downloaded Dead Nation on PS4, which I had already platinumed on PS3, and found it difficult to stop playing again, it’s still that good.
    In between, I got the final speedrun trophy of PS5 AstroBot, and now started playing Observation, which seems promising.

  3. I completed The Raven Remastered – it had a bit of a cheeky twist at the end which involved some hurried explaining in the ending scene.

    Continuing the NMS expedition, i would love if the regular game start was more involved like this.

    And i picked up my first PS5 game proper this week – Deathloop. I’m gradually wrapping my head around the mechanics and premise but i’m having a blast with it so far!

  4. I haven’t had much time to play recently, as I have been trying to complete the in real life game of installing a kitchen – the lot, from the floor being taken out to the ceiling being replastered. It’s still ongoing but it’s getting there. Whenever we mentioned installing a kitchen people made exclamations that it’s a big project that will turn your life inside out for a few weeks and now I know why!
    I did go to a gaming bar and had the chance to try a PS5 for the first time! I enjoyed it, plus there was alcohol! My view hasn’t changed much in that I still don’t want one yet as I don’t think there’s a system seller game for it yet, in my opinion and I have too much of a PS4 backlog at the moment.
    I won’t get much time to play next week as I’m going on a short break to Scotland, but I’m anticipating getting the Catlateral Damage platinum this weekend!

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