Rumour: Quantic Dream are making a Star Wars game

Quantic Dream
Quantic Dream

You wait years between for Star Wars games at EA but as soon as their license expired they all turn up once. Quantic Dream are the latest studio rumoured to be working on a Star Wars game, joining the previously announced Knights of the Old Republic Remake, LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, Star Wars: Hunters, and the Jedi Fallen Order sequel that Respawn are said to be beavering away on.

The rumour comes from  French YouTuber Gautoz who said “They have now finished their contract with Sony and will be signing with Disney. It looks like they will be working on a Star Wars game”. This seems to have been backed up by industry tipster Tom Henderson who posted an image showing a character from Quantic Dream’s Detroit with lightsabers across his face.

Quantic Dreams Star Wars

Quantic Dreams Star Wars


Quite what a Quantic Dream Star Wars game looks like is anyone’s guess, presumably it will be a slower paced narrative driven adventure rather than a shooter. Quantic Dream games usually have some sort of theme, for example Heavy Rain deals with the loss of a child, so it will be interesting to se, if the game exists, what angle they have gone for. Perhaps you will play the mother of one of the younglings slaughtered by Anakin in Revenge of the Sith.

In 2020 Quantic Dream left their partnership with Sony and went independent. Although described as a “transformation” for the studio, Quantic Dream promises to remain true to its roots. If the rumours are true then they are slightly odd studio for Disney to partner with, the House of Mouse usually keeps a good distance from any controversies and Quantic Dream have been in the headlines multiple times for allegations of toxic behaviour in the workplace.

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  1. It does seem unlikely after all the allegations (whatever happened to that?) and Disney’s tendency to get rid of anything that might look bad for them.

    But then they also like to suddenly change their mind if it might make them some more money. James Gunn getting fired for some old jokes? And then rehired because they’d struggle to make Guardians of the Galaxy 3 without him or all the actors that supported him? (Jokes that were mostly stupid or just a little bit horribly wrong, and in at least some cases quite funny)

    So it seems unlikely, but might actually be quite a good fit for a Star Wars game. As long as we can press X to Grogu.

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