Death Stranding Director’s Cut PS5 upgrade is just £5 in the UK

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Anyone upgrading Death Stranding to the PS5 Director’s Cut in the UK this week is going to get a pretty good deal compared to the rest of the world. Sony has announced that the UK price for the Director’s Cut upgrade will be just £5, compared to the $10/€10 price previously confirmed for the US and EU.


Available on Friday 24th September, Death Stranding Director’s Cut enhances and adds to Hideo Kojima’s 2019 game specifically for the PlayStation 5. Of course it’s being enhanced with improved visuals, resolution and a 60fps frame rate, but there’s also new content sprinkled throughout.

For the moment-to-moment gameplay, there’s evolved stabilisers, the new cargo Catapult, the upgraded Buddy Bot and more to help you get across the world. If you’re struggling with the game’s combat, then the firing range lets you practise you weapons skills and train and compete for high scores in virtual play areas. There are new weapons including a Maser Gun which can stun enemies for a prolonged period. Boss battles can be replayed. and a new score system will let you see your global ranking.

The gameplay reveal trailer also showed off new missions which take you to underground bunkers and feature stealth combat – yep, it’s very Metal Gear Solid. The trailer also shows a spooky new room with something very big hiding in the shadows.

While £5 or $10 is still more than the free upgrades that some other games and platforms are receiving, making a number of notable additions to the game certainly helps make that more palatable.

In our Death Stranding PlayStation 4 review Tuffcub wrote:

Death Stranding is like nothing I have ever played; beautiful, heart racing, heart breaking, frustrating, epic, stunning, and utterly nuts. I laughed, I cried, I cursed, and I went to the toilet an awful lot. Death Stranding isn’t just my Game of the Year, it’s a contender for Game of the Generation too.

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