Enlisted adds Destruction game mode in new Tunisia update

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World War II shooter Enlisted has added a brand new game mode, developer Darkflow Software has confirmed.


Destruction is available in the latest update for this popular free-to-play title. It comes hot off the heels of Enlisted’s major Battle of Tunisia campaign expansion.

As the name suggests, Destruction has an emphasis on explosive action. In this mode, one team looking to plant charges on an objective then lock down the area until it goes boom!

In the new Enlisted Mode, you can mine a specific area then defend them until the timer runs out. The explosion will destroy the object and clear a path to the next target.

Defenders can prevent destruction by killing the attackers and, they will also have time after the start of the timer to disarm mines in the area. If the disarmament is successful, the attackers will have to repeat the attack.

Each soldier on the attacking side has explosives in this mode.

Destruction is now live in Enlisted, but it’s only available on two maps. These include Al Har and Al Jabal Farm, both of which are featured in the Tunisia campaign. For those new to this WW2 shooter, you can switch between campaigns via the main menu, giving you access to different maps, squads, and loadout options, each campaign having its own progression bar. Alongside this new mode, the next Enlisted battle pass has also gone live with plenty of rewards to unlock.

Enlisted left us pretty impressed when we first played the closed beta on PS5 earlier this year.

“With Enlisted marching out of closed beta, we’re already seeing new maps, weapons, and other content being pumped into the game. Being free to play means we’re likely to see plenty of boots on the ground in the coming weeks, though whether Darkflow can keep these players hooked will ultimately depend on how they monetise Enlisted and how it balances in-game grinding with paid-for shortcuts.”

Enlisted is now available for free on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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