October’s free Xbox Games with Gold revealed

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Microsoft has announced the Games with Gold for October, with four free games being handed out to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and Xbox Live Gold subscribers. Same as usual, but are this month’s games any good?

What are October’s Xbox Games with Gold?

The four games are the usual mixture of two Xbox One titles and two Xbox and Xbox 360 games that can be played via backward compatibility. The four games will be made available at different points through the month, as follows:


Of the two Xbox One games, we loved Aaero in particular, a stylish rhythm action game.

In our Aaero review, Dom said:

“Aaero is a new beginning for rhythm action games, as it draws on the genre’s past strengths and makes them its own. It has a different outlook – completionists may balk at the improbability of a ‘perfect’ run – but equally that could make it all the more alluring to those looking for a true score attack experience that doesn’t give up its wares so easily. Aaero’s setting may be apocalyptic, but its outlook is full of hope for a genre that still deserves its place in the here and now.”

Aaero Games With Gold

While not part of the mainline Resident Evil series, Resident Evil Code: Veronica was a landmark step away from pre-rendered backgrounds to fully 3D environments. First released for the Sega Dreamcast in 2000, it was ported and remastered several times, most recently for the Xbox 360. Has it aged well? Well… Yes and no.

On the visual side of things, our Resident Evil Code: Veronica X review said in 2011, “The visual upgrade is very noticeable, especially when it comes to the lighting. Characters actually have shadows now and it makes all the difference. This is easily the best looking version of the game by far.” Sadly, it was more frustrating from a gameplay perspective.

Bringing up the rear is Castlevania: Harmony of Despair. “A game featuring the main characters from the Castlevania series should be an instant classic,” our review concluded. “Unfortunately, Castlevania: Harmony of Despair is nothing more than a brilliant idea gone horribly wrong. The chapters are relatively short, uninteresting, and the gameplay just isn’t exciting enough to keep you coming back for more.”

Oh well.

Can I still download the September 2021 Games with Gold Games?

Yes! You can still grab half of last month’s games. Due to Microsoft’s staggered windows Zone of Enders HD Collection has already exited the service, but the the other three games are still available:

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