Hips don’t lie: Christopher Judge says God of War: Ragnarok was delayed due to his surgery

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The voice of Kratos, Christopher Judge, has claimed that God of War: Ragnarok missed it’s 2021 release as he had to have major surgery to replace both hips. Here is the statement he posted on Twitter.

100 in my feels right now. I need to be forthcoming. This has been approved by no one. To the beloved fandom, Ragnarok was delayed because of me. August 2019, I couldn’t walk. Had to have back surgery, both hips replaced, and, knee surgery. They waited for me too rehab. No threats, no “Who do you think you are?” Nothing but love and support. And @SonySantaMonica has never said a word about the delay, and what caused it.

Studios are assholes, but this company from top to bottom, should give us hope. What they did for the crew is way more that I can’t talk about, but I’ve said to all involved, it’s is the classiest thing that I’ve EVER heard about in this business.

Everyone involved in the GofW franchise puts their hearts and souls in every frame you see. I want thank everyone that’s has allowed me to play and laugh, and love, and cry, without judgement, but with unconditional support and love, in this thing of ALL OF OURS.

God of War: Ragnarok was first announced during the September 2020 PS5 Showcase and at the time a release window of 2021 was given but we now expect it in 2022. However, while the game’s production might have been adjusted at the end of 2019 and start of 2020 to allow for Christopher Judge’s recovery for motion and performance capture, it’s pretty safe to say that he is not the only reason why the game has been delayed and taken a long time to be developed.

In particular, pretty much every video game’s development cycle has been affected by the pandemic over the last year and a half, as studios adjust to remote development. That’s on top of the usual game development delays that happen at the best of times.

God of War: Ragnarok

God of War: Ragnarok

God of War: Ragnarok will mark the end point of the Norse story arc of the revived God of War series, which is a point that has disappointed some fans of the 2018 revival, but there is actually a fairly sensible reason behind it. Cory Barlog, who now has a role as producer on this new game, explained that it’s simply because these games take so long to make.

Speaking to YouTuber Kaptain Kuba about the decision to bring an end to the Norse saga, Barlog explained that it stemmed from the length of time it would take to tell the story across three games.

“I think one of the most important reasons is the first game took five years, the second game, I don’t know how long it’s going to take, but I’m just going to throw out that it’s going to take close to a similar time to do this. Then if you think, wow, a third one in the same [time], we’re talking like a span of close to 15 years of a single story and I feel like that’s just too stretched out.”

“I feel like we’re asking too much, to say the actual completion of that story taking that long just feels too long, and given sort of where the team was at and where Erik was at with what he wanted to do, I was like look, I think we can actually do this in the second story.”

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