What We Played #518 – Super Monkey Ball, Hot Wheels Unleashed & In Sound Mind

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As another one comes to a close, I’ve had a great week of gaming, managing to fill it with games that I’ve really enjoyed. Hot Wheels Unleashed was top of the toy racing pile, and I’ve really enjoyed diving into the online multiplayer in a few quieter moments. I’ve also finished up The Artful Escape, which is fantastic, and quietly enjoyed Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania, which has probably shown that they simply got it right to start with and probably shouldn’t have tried to do too much else.

Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania Remaster

Let’s kick things off with Steve to test the rippling waters of the unknown, and he’s very much enjoyed his time spent with In Sound Mind and got through a bit more of the delightful audiovisual experience of The Artful Escape. “I was pleasantly surprised to see The Dandy Escape on Game Pass, which looks like a fusion of Hades and Slay the Spire – not that I’m going to hold it up to those games’ standards.

“I’ve also disappeared into a retro hole and have spent several evenings reacquainting myself with the Amiga operating system to set up a virtual hard drive for fun emulation, and Cannon Fodder is still so good. I’ve also played some Streets of Rage with my daughter who has emerged from her usual Stardew Valley lair to enjoy ‘punchy punchy face’ as she calls it – she’s 14 btw.”

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Gareth has been playing Diablo 2 Resurrected for review. He seems slightly nonplussed, saying, “It’s Diablo 2 in 4K and with fancier lighting.” Tuffcub has of course played Destiny 2 and seemingly nothing else, while Nic B continues in the vein of people stuck on their favourite things as he has been playing yet more Pokémon Go. If you’ve found your jam, why search for a marmalade?

Aran has continued to gallop through the expansive Mass Effect Legendary Edition. He also played A Juggler’s Tale for review saying, “it’s decent if short.” Miguel has been on a bit of a light week as he continues to settle into his new apartment, but he did play some Aragami 2, a little Fortnite, and had an afternoon of Guilty Gear Strive and Tekken 7.

Ade also had a quieter one, though he did finish up the brilliant rat ’em up’ Tails of Iron for review. He said, “I highly recommend giving it a look, it’s my favourite game I’ve played for review so far this year.”

Finally, Tef says he’s been playing a light lashing of Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania and something else that’s quite dreadful, but that’s all he’ll say for now. Maybe he’s talking about the newly released eFootball?

What about you? What have you played?

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  1. This week I was playing ‘How to cope with a broken wrist, not being able to play games properly, and how to accept your favorite holidays of the year in October were destroyed in seconds’.
    The first level was a little tough, but during the week I got better at it. I found ‘Telling lies’ in my backlog, which is perfectly ‘playable’ with one hand only, if you consider going through videos, investigating what was happening, still ‘playing a game’. But I did find it intriguing, it’s definitely something different and has excellent storytelling.

    If anyone has ideas for games playable with one hand, suggestions are welcome.

  2. Finished off everything in Tales of Arise and got the Platinum. Fishing mini-games are still annoying. But overall, highly recommended, and the best Tales game so far.

    Plus lots of Death Stranding in shiny new PS5 version. Finished off the main story, which still makes no sense, and now I’m just pottering about delivering stuff. Probably for many more hours.

    And nearly done with Watch Dogs: Legion. Few things to finish off after most of the “collectible” bits (rubbish darts mini-game, getting drunk in all possible places and pasting things all over the map). It’s just a lot of fun. Even if some of the sweary voice acting is sort of a bit dubious.

    Oh, and because of whatever the current sale is, Scarlet Nexus, which is good so far, but I’ve only just started.

  3. Managed to squeeze in a couple of missions in Star Wars Squadrons. Still can’t hit diddly squat mind…

  4. Watch Dogs Legion. The map of London is pretty cool, but the game itself is pretty boring. The part that’s hardest to believe is that Stormzy is still relevant in 2031, lol

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