There’s a new Ghostbusters game in production at Illfonic

Ghostbusters PS5
Ghostbusters PS5

Who you gonna call? Predator: Hunting Grounds developer Illfonic, apparently. Studio co-founder Raphael Saadiq, who really should know better, let slip that the developer is working on a new ghost busting title. He was speaking on the Questlove Supreme podcast and discussed games the team had made. “Friday the 13th,  the last one, Predator, and we’re working on Ghostbusters right now,” he stated.

Illfonic made Predator: Hunting Grounds for Sony and Sony Pictures distribute the Ghostbusters films, including the upcoming Ghostbusters: Afterlife. Sony have made a lot of noise in the past year or so about making all their arms work together and we’ve already seen that with Spider-Man, another Sony Movies property, being PlayStation exclusive. Could Sony have pulle dout the cheque book and bagged another big name exclusive for PlayStation?


There haven’t been to many good Ghostbusters games, which is odd considering the premise of running about shooting ghosts sounds perfect for a video game.  The most recent title was a remaster of 2009’s Ghostbusters: The Video Game which we gave 7/10.

In our review I said “Back in 2009, Ghostbusters: The Video Game was a solid shooter elevated by the involvement of the original Ghostbusting team, but a decade later it’s a little tired. If you have any fondness for the franchise then it provides a wonderful hit of nostalgia, and it’s still a genuine pleasure to see the whole Ghostbusting team back together, but those looking for great gameplay should probably look elsewhere.”

There was also Ghostbusters VR for PlayStation VR, although you may have forgotten about that, everyone else has. If you haven’t forgotten about the simply titled Ghostbusters from 2016 then you really should, it was pretty awful. I reviewed that one as well, clearly I like busting ghosts, but I did not like the game as it scored 4/10.

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