The Ghost Recon 20th Anniversary Showcase is today, here’s what to expect

Ghost Recon showcase
Ghost Recon showcase

Ubisoft will be holding a special showcase this evening for the Ghost Recon franchise with the live feed kicking off at 6pm BST. The main focus of the stream will be the latest game in the series Ghost Recon: Breakpoint but there will be other surprises as well.


A crossover with Lara Croft has already happened, the Tomb Raider Relics of the Ancients Treasure Hunt, and there’s also something called Ghost Recon Legacy on the cards, but what that could be is unclear. It could be a remaster, it could be a documentary, it could be a recipe for some Ghost Recon Showcase themed cup cakes, who knows.

Ubisoft have also said that you will be able to “meet the people behind the franchise, hear anecdotes, receive gifts and a special surprise.” That ‘ special surprise’ is the reveal of a brand new Ghost Recon project. Ubisoft are using fluffy wording again, a ‘project’ could be anything, but could we finally see the rumoured free-to-play shooter Battlecat that mashes up Ghost Recon, Rainbows Six, The Division and more in to one big fight?

Battlecat leaked a while back (and just for once, I have my own shadowy ‘source’ who has confirmed it is real) and is said to combine elements from Splinter Cell, Ghost Recon: Breakpoint and The Division in to one giant Tom Clancy ’em up.

The leak seemed to show that Splinter Cell’s Echelon, The Division’s Cleaners and Outcasts, and the Wolves from Breakpoint would all be playable and each group would retain their special abilities from their respective games. The game is said to have two modes, Ringleader finds the teams fighting each other and collecting rings from fallen opponents, while Escort has one team taking a package to specific location and while the other team try and stop them.

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  1. Half this article is about a leaked game called “Battlecat”… it’s called XDefiant and was OFFICIALLY revealed in August.

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