Ghost Recon Frontline leaks ahead of tonight’s reveal

Ghost Recon Frontline

Oh dear, Ubisoft’s big reveal in the Ghost Recon 20th Anniversary Showcase later today seems to have leaked. The terrible company that could not keep a lid on secret? Ubisoft. The game appeared on uPlay as an advert for a closed beta test.


According to the leak the game is set in modern day Vietnam and will not be open world, instead it will be a FPS with linear levels. However, some people who seem to have knowledge of the game on ResetEra are suggesting the specifics may not be correct.

Ubisoft will be holding a special showcase this evening for the Ghost Recon franchise with the live feed kicking off at 6pm BST. The main focus of the stream will be the latest game in the series Ghost Recon: Breakpoint but there will be other surprises as well. Well, one less surprise now.

A crossover with Lara Croft has already happened, the Tomb Raider Relics of the Ancients Treasure Hunt, and there’s also something called Ghost Recon Legacy on the cards, but what that could be is unclear. It could be a remaster, it could be a documentary, it could be a recipe for some Ghost Recon Showcase themed cup cakes, who knows.

We may also get a look at Battlecat, which leaked earlier this and seemed to show that Splinter Cell’s Echelon, The Division’s Cleaners and Outcasts, and the Wolves from Breakpoint would all be playable and each group would retain their special abilities from their respective games. The game is said to have two modes, Ringleader finds the teams fighting each other and collecting rings from fallen opponents, while Escort has one team taking a package to specific location and while the other team try and stop them.

Some are suggesting that Ghost Recon Frontline maybe free-to-play, but would Ubisoft have two free-to-play shooters up their sleeves?

Source: Resetera


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