New World update 1.0.1 released as Amazon increases servers

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Amazon Game Studios has released update 1.0.1 for New World. This is the first post-launch patch since the game officially went live last week.


As with any MMO, there have been issues surrounding the New World launch as users encounter login errors. Amazon has been tirelessly working to combat these issues, doubling the number of servers to help manage the huge influx of players.

Meanwhile, other members of the New World development team have been ironing out bugs and focusing on quality of life improvements for the update.

While there has a been a small drop-off, New World hit an incredible all-time peak of 913,027 online players according to data pulled from Steam Charts.

New World Update 1.0.1 Patch Notes


We’ve implemented the groundwork for the character server transfer, and you may see elements of that work in the in-game store. We’re continuing to work on this feature, and will have more information on how the system works later this week when we release server transfers.


Changed turret projectiles in War from physical projectiles to use hitscan detection. This should help performance in War, with fewer objects being spawned in the world.


In an effort to ensure players can’t stay AFK, especially in higher population servers, we’ve made the following adjustments to the AFK prevention system.

  • Added additional AFK prevention to ensure players cannot fool the existing system with simulated mouse movement.

  • Shortened the AFK warning message from 20mins to 15mins.

  • Shortened the AFK disconnect from 25mins to 20mins.


We added a confirmation screen when a player attempts to leave the queue for a world, asking the player to confirm if they’re intending to leave the queue. This should help ensure nobody accidentally leaves the queue and misses out on their spot in line.



  • Fixed a rare issue causing the interact key to not properly function on various objects in the world.

  • Fixed an issue causing the barrel to not appear in “Pirate Stance” emote.

  • Fixed an issue where players did not receive coin as a reward from some activities.

  • Fixed a bug where interrupting the fast travel animation may cause the player’s character to become stuck inside of a house.

  • Fixed an issue in Territory Standing rewards where some localized text was missing.

  • Fixed an issue where players are asked to claim achievement titles multiple times after logging back into the game, despite already having claimed the rewards.

  • Fixed an issue causing leg animations to freeze.

  • Fixed game crashes related to the New World Twitch integrations.

  • Fixed a rare issue where players could enter state where they could not be hit by most attacks.

  • Fixed an issue where certain item containers could be looted infinitely.

  • Fixed an issue where the abandoning event notification could sometimes persist after the player abandoned the event.


  • Fixed an issue causing Pastor Walsh to spawn aggressively at the Walsham point of interest (POI).

  • Fixed an issue causing enemies to spawn slower than intended in the Bullrush Wash POI.

  • Fixed an issue causing Overseer Zane to respawn slower than intended in the “Something to Prove” quest.

  • Fixed an issue where Master Zindt could have duplicated respawns at the Kannan Tomb POI.


  • Added missing journal information about the recommended quest level for players attempting to unlock the second faction rank.

  • Fixed an issue where resetting the “Blessings of Earth” quest when you have gained any of the blessings will block progression in the Main Story Quest (MSQ).

  • Fixed an issue where the “Azoth Fulminate” quest will be unavailable to players if they first complete other Windsward quests.

  • Fixed an issue where completing the “Goodwill Squashing” quest prevents the player from obtaining the “Arruda Jam” quest.

  • Fixed an issue where the barkeep conversation state in First Light can enter a state where quests cannot be obtained from the barkeep.

  • Fixed an issue where completing the “Taste for Revenge” quest prevents the player from obtaining the “Predator, Prey” and “Great Expectations” quests.

  • Fixed an issue where completing the “Curse of Ebony Hawk” quest prevents the player from obtaining the “Bond’s Gambit” quest.

  • Fixed an issue where completing “The Expedition into Saircor” quest prevents the player from obtaining the “One Threat at a Time” quest.

  • Fixed an issue where completing the “Strength of the Earth” quest prevents the player from obtaining the “Fading Lights” and “Azure Tears” quests.

  • Fixed an issue where completing the “Twisted Metamorphosis” quest prevents the player from obtaining the “Blessings of the Fallen” quest.

  • Fixed an issue where completing the “Facets of Light and Darkness” quest prevents the player from obtaining the “Descent to Frosted Slumber” and “Transmuting Iron to Dust” quests.

Having been in and out of beta for such a prolonged period of time, there were definitely concerns leading up to New World’s eventual launch. Not only was its release date pushed back numerous times, it’s fair to say that Amazon’s past games have left much to be desired.

Crucible had some interesting ideas and clever character designs. However, this previous Amazon title felt undercooked and didn’t have enough variety to keep players coming back. As a result, community support quickly dried up and Amazon were forced to pull the plug in November. New World is already faring much better and will hopefully only get better now that it’s enjoyed a successful launch.

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