PS5 firmware 21.02- is out, here are the notes

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The ridiculously named PS5 System Software Update 21.02- is out now for you to download and enjoy on your PlayStation 5 console. The patch notes for the 913mb update have been released and they are as follows:

This system software update improves system performance.

An excellent update I am sure you will agree.


Last month the Playstation 5 September System Software brought a raft of new features and changes for the new generation console. Support for M.2 NVMe expansion SSDs, 3D audio through your built in TV and (most importantly) a half decent UI for browsing trophies were added.

This is the public release of the beta system update that went into testing at the end of July.

Hhere’s the bullet point rundown of what the update did.

  • Enables M.2 SSD expansion slot
  • 3D Audio Support for Built-In TV Speakers
  • Control Center customisation
  • Enhanced Game Base
  • Game Library and Home Screen updates
  • Screen Reader controls
  • PlayStation Now resolution selector (720p or 1080p) and connection test tool
  • New Accolade Type: “Leader”
  • Automatic capture of “personal best” videos
  • New Trophy tracker
  • PS Remote Play App support over mobile networks
  • View Share Screen broadcasts on PS App (from 23rd September)

The new PS5 system software will finally enable the M.2 SSD slot that is included in every PlayStation 5, enabling you to upgrade the console’s internal storage. The PS5 supports drives between 250GB and 4TB in size, but they must have a sequential read speed of 5,500 MB/s or greater. Sony still does not provide a list of validated options and does not guarantee that a drive meeting this spec will work, but there’s half a dozen options out there, and plenty of people have tested them out using the beta.

Head here for Sony’s FAQ on the matter, but we also have a list of SSDs that should be compatible with the PS5.

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