Rust Console Edition update 1.07 is full of fixes

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Rust Console Edition developer, Double Eleven, has rolled out update 1.07. This latest patch is now live on PS4 and Xbox One – you’ll need to download and install it to access online features.

New content will appear in-game with the arrival of three new monuments including the Train Yard, Water Treatment Plant and Supermarket.  Of course, Rust Console Edition update 1.07 is also full of crash fixes and game improvements.

In our review of Rust on PS4 and Xbox One, we scored the port a 6/10, saying: “Rust Console Edition manages to transcribe the wildly popular PC experience, but a few key missing features mean it falls short of what it should be. It could be great in time, but right now it feels like a disappointing misstep in comparison to the fleshed out PC version.”

Rust Console Edition Update 1.07 Patch Notes

Crash Fixes

  • Fixed a crash that could occur when selecting and/or choosing a skin in the Repair Bench.

  • Fixed a crash that could occur when loading Audio speaker mode settings.

  • Fixed a crash that could occur when adjusting attachments on weapons.

  • Fixed a crash that could occur when opening the campfire, furnace or large furnace.

  • Fixed a crash that could occur when a foundation is destroyed with a lantern placed on it.

  • Fixed a crash that could occur while firing the Eoka pistol.

  • Fixed a potential crash from unplug/replugging headset whilst traversing platform menus.

  • Fixed a crash that could occur when certain animal animations played.

Performance Improvements

  • Made many improvements to game boot time.

  • Fixed all monument Level-of-detail generation, they were occupying 2x the memory.

  • Adjusted the number of particle on fire effects to improve performance when new effects are created.

  • Many changes and improvements to the net code!

  • Various performance improvements to smoke which will be visually correct, more satisfying and will increase FPS by a large margin.

  • Reduced a lot of unnecessary texture sizes to save memory.

  • Removed various heat and haze effects which were not used and cost us performance and memory.

  • Fixed the outpost lights not turning off in the distance, this helps reduce the lag when looking in the direction of the outpost.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a game booting issue which could cause instability.

  • Guards at the bandit camp will no longer continually shoot at animals.

  • Fixed a bug where garage doors couldn’t be closed when built next to metal/armoured roofs.

  • Fixed research tables being unable to be damaged and shot through.

  • Fixed a bug which would cause the game to become unresponsive after the player is timed out from the server and then the “Controller disconnected” popup appears.

  • Fixed a bug that caused a swimming player unable to resurface out of the water.

  • Fixed Work Benches’ returning to full health when being picked up.

  • Fixed Sleeping bags returning to full when being picked up.

  • Fixed the gambling wheel bet input resetting to 0 when healing.

  • Fixed an issue when opening the Platforms menus would cause endless input (Running forever or shooting).

  • Fixed a bug where Bradley would shoot at players inside of buildings.

  • Fixed the issue which caused the launch site red keycard door emergency open button to not work without the “Auxiliary Power” switch, this button has been removed and will work correctly.

  • Fixed an issue that would allow players to select a non-hostile item in the safe zones, which could be swapped for a lethal weapon.

  • Fixed gambling wheel showing incorrect number making it look like the user has won when in fact you gambled poorly.


  • Fixed respawning after dying from fall damage. This could cause the player to die again from fall damage.

  • Fixed an issue with game invites not passing the main menu after being accepted.

  • Fixed a bug which would cause the main menu background to flash.

  • Fixed Auto Sprint not working for the “Hold” Sprint Input.

  • Fixed a bug in which the RHIB and/or the rowboat cannot be pushed.

  • Fixed players being able to build through animals.

  • Fixed fire caused by incendiary ammo not being extinguished on the coastline.

  • Fixed a bug which would cause the “Camera Inertia” control setting to not save when moving the slider.

  • Fixed Cactus’ being “ghosts”, they are now solid.

  • Fixed the repair bench not allowing the player to select the default skin again.

  • Fixed items floating next to players if it broke (A.K.A the poltergeist bug).

  • Fixed a bug which outpost scientists patrol path would break upon becoming non-aggressive, they will now walk home and not run around frantically.

  • Fixed Sunken crates and chests able to be spawn in the same location (No more duplicate loot!)

  • Fixed a bug which made players unable to give a sleeping bag.

  • Fixed a case where skins would be removed if replacing doors in the same doorway and being picked up again.

  • Fixed the “Boost multiplier” option affecting analogue acceleration when it shouldn’t.

  • Fixed player “rubber banding” when walking into a shotgun trap.

  • Fixed a bug which would cause a scientists corpse to become naked when looting.

  • Fixed switching attire with a dead player doesn’t change visually until player leaves the loot corpse UI.

  • Fixed an issue that could cause the first person hand colour to not match player body colour.

  • Fixed a bug with Bows which would cause flame arrows to not move correctly and the effect to be floating.

  • Fixed an issue when loading an arrow into a bow would be loose and sometimes end up in the players back (Ouch).

  • Fixed an exploit which would allow the player to begin crafting an item, and cancel it in the queue which would still affect achievement totals, allowing the unlock of “Look On My Works Ye Mighty And Despair” and “Now I Have A Machine Gun”.

  • Fixed the bear rug not providing comfort, the extra bear fur really helps give that 25% boost.


  • Fixed an issue with Lanterns that would cause the screen to go completely black.

  • Adjusted all glowing skins intensity based on distance.

  • Adjusted the crates which spawn in the harbor green card room to prevent players from looting without entering the room.

  • Adjusted many different clothing items to prevent clipping with multiple combinations of clothing and player models, that shirt ain’t so tight anymore!

  • Adjusted the lighting for the Airfield blue keycard room and surrounding wall lights. This should now be brighter and not to be pitch black.

  • Adjusted the Holosight reticle, it should be be much easier to see your target.

  • Optimised Bandit camp covers (Fences).

  • Optimised Bandit camp tire stacks.

  • Optimised Bandit camp Dredge.

  • Optimised Bandit camp wooden cabins.

  • Fixed many issues with tree marker decals not appearing on trees and made the tree decals appear on top of the hit decals, why do we need markers? we need to make sure we’re hitting the middle of course!


  • Adjusted terrain mounds moved down so that they can blend better with ground.

  • Fixed various Satellite dish monument rocks getting “black corruption” at certain distances.

  • Fixed the hole in the wall at the launchsite, players will no longer be able to escape the world (and jump to their death).

  • Fixed the ability for a player to get stuck between the fuel tank and concrete barricade in the harbor.

  • Fixed the chinook crate losing it’s wire fencing when viewing at different angles and distances.

  • Fixed various textures on the Beta X skins which would cause the skin to look incorrect.

  • Fixed the white outline highlight sticking around on planted crops and hemp even when looking at the plants at a distance.

  • Adjusted the power of the flashlight and increased range instead. This gives a better looking effect and better usability.

  • Fixed the Pump Jack ladder facing 90 degrees more than it should.

  • Fixed the stone fireplace not providing any light, now your home will be much more comfy.

  • Fixed various reload animations that had floating bullets and casings.

  • Fixed the player able to get stuck under the bridge at Bandit Camp, no more bridge trolls!

  • Fixed an issue with the small water catcher causing a “rubber banding” effect at the outpost.

  • Fixed many different floating building and objects around monuments.

  • Fixed the ability to see through the tunnel walls in various places the Sewers.

  • Fixed various issues with the miners hat which made it incorrectly display.

  • Fixed various Level-of-details disappearing and being incorrect at certain distances, causing invisibility on objects or blocky textures/models.

  • Adjusted the female player model head to eliminate a seam in the neck.

  • Fixed decals such as blood effects not correctly being attached to animals.

  • Fixed various Ice lake and Iceberg collision issues, we probably shouldn’t have used the ice cubes from the fridge.

  • Fixed the ramp at the Dome which couldn’t be walked over, that pesky pipe won’t stop you now!


  • Balanced a large selection of UI sounds.

  • Balanced a large selection of in-game sounds.

  • Balance adjustments for various player interactions.

  • Technical fixes for hundreds of existing assets.

  • Fixed the issues surrounding rustling leaves around bases.

  • Fixed output audio mix issues.

  • Overall mix improvements.

  • Re-mastered in-game music.

  • Fixed all weapon audio panning issues.

  • Fixed a number of audio issues with boats.

  • Fixed missing sound issues with a number of weapons.

  • Master output level increased, so please be mindful on your ears!


  • Fixed voice not coming through and being heard from TV when the player has no headset connected.

  • Fixed a bug that stopped the pickup sound playing when picking up items off the ground.

  • Fixed an issue that caused the scroll sound in the server list to not play when scrolling.

  • Fixed a bug which would cause a non-stop ticking sound when having a full belt of weapons in the safezone.

  • Balanced adjustments for day/night cycle audio.



  • Reworked majority of UI loot panels to flow much better and have visual improvements.

  • Fixed a bug which caused splitting an item to not work if there is an item on the right of it.

  • Fixed a bug which caused the Map scrolling to get stuck when the cursor was close to the middle of the screen.

  • Fixed platform specific servers displaying their icons as crossplay servers.

  • Fixed flickering that could occur behind inventory screen.

  • Fixed an issue which caused the server list UI to not refresh when reaching the bottom.

  • Fixed an issue causing the player to get stuck on the code lock screen when attempting to open the pause menu.

  • Adjusted the keycode UI so that the panel will flash instead of the pressed button, no more spying on streamers codes!

  • Fixed an issue which would cause storage UIs to be accessible after server updates.

  • Fixed an issue which caused the Open/Close door button prompt to be greyed out when there is an (unlocked) code/key lock placed on it.

  • Fixed storage boxes on the RHIB and rowboat showing more storage space than is available to be used.

  • Fixed an issue which would prevent the to player from using their inventory while researching an item.

  • Fixed a bug which prevented the crafting queue UI from scrolling when having more than 6 different items being crafted at the same time.


  • Fixed a bug which would cause the last players name in the Connected Players tab to disappear.

  • Fixed closing the vending machine UI too quickly would prevent the name from being updated.

  • Fixed vending machine shop UI not updating the title instantly after being changed.

  • Fixed vending machine map marker name and UI name to change to the default name if the last user which last changed the name was a user we’ve blocked.

  • Fixed both headers in the Vending Machine which were called “Existing Sell Orders”, this is now correctly named to “Contents”.

  • Fixed legacy items showing in the vending machine.

  • Fixed an issue which made the death screen map not focus on the most recent death marker.

  • Fixed the crafting UI button prompts not updating correctly when near to workbenches.

  • Fixed the crafting multiple number showing the incorrect amount when you could not afford the max amount.

  • Fixed an issue which caused the crafting UI stats tab to show 100% stats for everything.

  • Added auto scrolling text for UI which can have large amounts of text.

  • Fixed an issue which stopped players placing water jugs into the Fridges, fresh and cold!

  • Fixed the What’s New popup opening and immediately closing causing a flicker if we’ve already seen that WhatsNew.

  • Fixed an issue where scrolling skins quickly on the repair would cause white boxes to show.

  • Fixed a bug where some traps would display player names even when streamer mode is enabled.

  • Fixed another issue which would cause teams to display the player name in streamer mode.

  • Fixed the in-game player reporting confirm button background from clipping into other button prompts slight stopping any confusion from overlaps.

  • Fixed an issue which would cause an item to still be highlighted after the crafting queue is complete.

  • Removed the “Mute Quick Chat” and “Mute Players” options in the Players In Game menu.

  • Fixed hammer rotation button prompt being displayed incorrectly, this will now change from Top face button to Left face button for Rotation. This will affect: Building Blocks, Auto Turrets, Vending Machines, Tool Cupboard, and  Workbench.

  • Fixed an issue on the Keypad which caused the “Share” button to not correctly input the number 8.

  • Fixed “ghost” icons appearing when joining a server and having more items not in the first slot.

UI Localization

  • Fixed the “Kicked” dialogue popup displaying as “Banned” in Portuguese, sorry for scaring you! If you’re good you won’t be banned.

  • Fixed sizing on the how to build tip as it was being changed to the unintended size.

  • Fixed navigation bar button text overlapping when multiple buttons are showing with long text.

  • Added much more Kanji to fix missing characters for Japanese, Chinese and Korean.

  • Fixed backend text which appeared when refilling items at a Workbench.

  • Fixed backend text which appeared with the small wooden box on the RHIB.

  • Fixed death screen showing backend text if you died to a cactus, they actually hurt you?

  • Updated credits with more members of the team.

  • Fixed backend text from the Blocked User popup when joining a server when blocked players are present.

  • Replaced some Russian translations to make much more sense in the context.


  • Adjusted HQM, Stone, and Sulphur Quarries to be more in tandem with the PC version of RUST in terms of resource output.

  • Fixed screen effects are always being turned off for players which turned it off during the days of early access.

  • Adjusted the head look speed to be slower and have limitations.

Quality of Life


  • Reduced the Outpost turret firing zone as it was too large, and added a new sentry to cover a blind spot.

  • Fixed the bypass safe zone spot in Bandit camp recycler. Jerry the guard now stands in the center of the room!

  • Increased the Bandit camp prevention building zone from 95 meters to 150 meters, and the safe zone from 95 meters to 120 meters.

  • Adjusted the Lighthouse prevention building zone to be more centered and increased the size from 40 meters to 60 meters.

  • Completely reworked the blocking system, blocking and muting works both ways for voice chat and also correctly blocks text from other players.

  • Vending Machines and Sleeping Bag map markers will now merge together on the map.


  • Adjusted the saturation decline for low health effects to be more subtle.

  • Adjusted server kicking player when inactive on death screen, previously this was 15 seconds and is now 90 seconds.

  • Added recyclers to the outpost and Adjusted the repair bench location.

  • Adjusted the player head hit box to be bigger and correctly aligned, however this is still being tweaked.

  • Adjusted the maximum Vending machine name to 16 characters, to prevent needless mega-super-duper-long names…

  • Added ability to cancel out from connecting status when attempting to join a server in the server list, if your internet connection is having trouble.

  • Fixed the front of fridges so they are solid, no more hiding for you!

  • Fixed a bug that caused dead players to be unlootable underwater, player bodies will now float to the surface of the ocean.

  • Adjusted strafing under water so that the player won’t suddenly move diagonally when slightly moving sideways.

  • Added an option for players to Block/Unblock other players in the reporting UI.

  • Added a new menu called “Voice Activity” to see players who are talking nearby, found in the Pause menu and pressing “Right Stick”.

Source: Double Eleven

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