What We Played #519 – Battlefield 2042, Metroid Dread & Far Cry 6

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It’s that time of the week again: the end of it. It’s Friday, so it’s the point at which we can start daydreaming about all our weekend plans, whatever they might be. Sometimes no plans are the best plans for a weekend.

But before we get to that, what about the week that was? The week where we snuck in as much gaming as possible? I’ve been a rather busy bee, getting an early first look at Battlefield 2042 and its open beta (which is just about opening up for anyone and everyone to jump into the fray), not to mention reviewing both the lovely, albeit unadventurous Nintendo Switch OLED, and the excellent Metroid Dread.

Battlefield 2042 Beta Orbital Map

Aran popped in to remind us that he played and reviewed Hell Let Loose, which has been dropped into PlayStation Plus at launch for PS5 owners – “It’s good but will require on people working together.” He also started Mass Effect 2 Legendary Edition, pretty much ignoring the main quest for as long as he can.

Tuffcub has played, you guessed it, Destiny 2! But he also took umbrage with our continued dismissiveness of this, because the current season is coming to an end in a few weeks, and he also watches TV. “I would like point out I just don’t just sit on Destiny 2. In the past few weeks I’ve watched all of Sex Education (v v good), all of Squid Game (meh) and now ploughing through Pose which is also v v good.”

After finishing off Tails of Iron for review, Ade has been playing Hades – “I mean, when you’ve got Hades to play, why play anything else?” – but Nick P doesn’t have Hades to play, he has Back 4 Blood, which he’s able to start reviewing for us as it just went live to early access players. Before diving into that, he’s mostly just been playing Dead by Daylight, which he’s absolutely hooked on.

Back 4 Blood Beta Versus

Jim rocked up with a big update on his gaming habits, and lots of Opinions with a capital ‘O’:

This week I wrapped up my second Final Fantasy game of the year – Final Fantasy IV… the DS remake… on mobile. Coming straight from FF6, it was definitely a step down across the board, from characters and story to art style and battle mechanics. Although After Years sequel sounds like a great follow-up, I think I’m all FF’d out until 2022. My next mobile gaming fix is now Chrono Trigger which has been on the bucket list for a long, long time.

I’ve also been playing Far Cry 6, which I was a little hesitant about going into. Ubisoft has a penchant for creating overwhelming vast open worlds and one look at Yara’s map during the preview event made me nervous. On top of that, I recently played from Far Cry 5 which could never hook me like those past games. I’m happy to report that Far Cry 6 is a fantastic, if sometimes mindless, FPS frenzy. Yara may be huge but you can blitz the main missions if you just want to get at that key story content, taking your foot off the pedal to go exploring whenever you fancy.

Far Cry 6 Yara

Speaking of which, it’s been on Gamoc’s shoulders to review said Far Cry 6. He’s not quite ready to pin a final score and verdict on it, because it’s a much longer adventure than expected – Ubisoft do love to make huge video game time sinks, don’t they? Still, if you want his Far Cry 6 review in progress, you can find that here.

Steve’s been “played my usual eclectic assortment, including – more Garden Story and a bit of the very Sensible Soccer like Super Arcade Football on Switch, Mighty Goose and Psychonauts 2 on Xbox, the lovely tiny Metroidvania Micetopia (only £2 at the moment) on PS4 and a bundle of horror demos on Steam.”

He’s also got a “proper” original model Switch coming this weekend, and is looking forward to the slightly larger screen compared to the Lite.

with that, all that’s left to do this week is to ask what it is that you have been playing? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. This week I’ve been playing Control and Im surprised and pleased to say I absolutely adore it! The story, world building and gameplay are all top notch, overall it’s a huge amount of fun. I hadn’t heard of it before it became a Plus freebie but I’m glad I gave it a try, over a short week it’s become a favourite and I’ve been so engrossed that I’ve almost platinumed it already!

  2. Well, first I got a bit annoyed with Watch Dogs: Legion. Just need one trophy for rescuing a member of my team when they’re kidnapped. Except nobody wants to kidnap any of them, so I never get the revenge mission. I’ve tried pissing everyone off. I’ve tried starting random fights by having people shout insults at people. The old woman calling people wankers is quite fun. I rode around on top of an ambulance playing the banjo wearing nothing but my pants for 10 minutes. (Mainly just because you can, not because I thought it would help). And still nobody is getting kidnapped. I might give up soon.

    Also, plenty of Scarlet Nexus, which is putting up a good challenge with Tales of Arise for my RPG of the year.

    And then because it’s that time of the month when PS+/Now get new things…

    PS+ was disappointing. Hell Let Loose is a bit shit, really. I’m sure it’s fun if people are playing properly and communicating, but that never happens. And that golf game isn’t too bad. Except all my shots head off to the right.

    PS Now is infinitely better. Desperados 3 is a fun little thing I somehow hadn’t come across. And Fallout 76 isn’t quite as shit as I was expecting. But still not great.

    Oh, and the last bit of Grid from EA Play. Another one where I’m never going to get the Platinum. Done every single race in the game, and I’ve still got to drive about 9 times as far as I’ve already driven to get one last trophy. So bollocks to that.

    • And I almost forgot. Fuser has had a big price drop (not a sale). So picked that up for £16. It’s lots of fun, as long as you avoid changing the key of any songs. Well, changing key sort of works, changing the mode ends up sounding awful. So changing from D to C is fine, D to Dminor, not so fine. It’s actually kind of impressive how well it can shift the pitch or tempo of everything to all fit together.

      Definite bargain at that price (or twice as much for 25 extra songs – probably better off buying a few songs you really like instead)

  3. Couldn’t decide between Metroid Dread and Far Cry 6, so didn’t get either, lol

  4. I’ve been playing Monster Hunter World – I’ve finished the ‘main story’ and I’ve moved on to the story missions for MHW:Iceborne expansion. I feel like I might manage to complete it eventually! I’ve also been playing Need For Speed Heat – I only picked it up as it was in a sale, I’ve not played a NFS game before. It’s quite enjoyable although it feels like a guilty pleasure.
    I’ve also watched Squid Game, which I enjoyed. I’ve not seen Hunger Games, so I’m not sure if that helps.
    Having platted Far Cry 5 and New Dawn earlier this year, I’m a bit nervous of Far Cry 6… I don’t feel I need more of the same exactly, I could do without quite so many ‘buddies’ to look after that were helpful/unhelpful in equal measure depending on, seemingly, how they felt. I think I’ll crack on with MHW and NFS for the time being – so that’s my plan for the weekend!

  5. A couple more missions in Star Wars Squadrons… is it wrong that I seem to do better when playing as the empire?!

    Also finally started downloading and installing all my games on my PS3 but omg how rubbish is the stores download list?! Can’t filter it, and every time you select something for download it refreshes and takes you back to the top of the list so you have to scroll for ages to get back to the next item you want. I have 300 odd items in the list (mostly demos or freebies I don’t care about) so took forever…

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