Farming Simulator 22 adds mulching, stone picking, and soil rolling

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Farming Simulator 22 will be getting some new gameplay features, GIANTS Software has confirmed. The new additions will aim to make Farming Simulator 22 an even more realistic farm life experience by adding three new things to do. These new features will be stone picking, soil rolling, and mulching. In addition, the ground textures have been reworked so when toiling away in the soil players will notice that the ground looks much better than previous entries.

Mulching in Farming Simulator 22 will allow players to mulch grass and the stubble left in fields after harvesting, which in turn will improve soil quality so that future yields are better. However, even the best soil can be undone by the thousands of stones found in the ground. Players will now be able to remove stones with stone picking tool attached to a tractor, or by using a roller to bury them under the topsoil. If these stones are not removed then they could damage the other machines that will be used to cultivate the land, impacting how much farm work can be done. The soil rollers are new addition and can also help increase yields. When seedbeds are rolled over they will be compacted, granting a yield bonus. Those farmers that create grasslands will also get a fertilising stage if they roll over the soil.

GIANTS has triumphantly announced that it will break down the barriers separating the Farming Simulator community. Regardless of your platform, you’ll be able to join or invite players, working together to manage your farm, expand your agriculture empire, or just have a bit of a mess around. The sim sequel is due to launch on November 22nd. Farming Simulator 22 will not only come to PC and Mac PC, but PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One. A Google Stadia version is also in the works.

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