Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost begins today

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Destiny 2’s Festival of the Lost will begin today, Bungie has confirmed, and it will run until November 2nd. The free event adds three new tales through Haunted Tales, some new rewards, and dinosaur inspired ornaments following the community’s backing of the hashtag #TeamDino. Festival of the Lost is rolling out on all platforms that Destiny 2 is available on, so you can get stuck right in with the new content.

The details for the Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost event can be found below.

Haunted Sectors

Three new tales in the form of Haunted Sectors are ready for the fearless (or foolhardy). Headless creatures stalk the dark crevasses of the Moon, a Guardian is hunted on Nessus, and the shocking result of a Vex Mind and an Exo merging into something new and terrifying.

Rewards for the Brave

Unlock the new Legendary Jurassic Green Pulse Rifle to strike fear into the hearts of your enemies, cruise around in an Exotic Sparrow to show off your courage, and more rewards are up for grabs during the Festival of the Lost. Eva will also offer the Bump in the Night emblem to Guardians who haunt the Haunted Sectors.


The community had their say earlier this year with #TeamDino, bringing an end to one of Bungie’s most difficult decisions. Dinosaur-inspired ornament sets are now available in the Eververse store.

In addition, Bungie has confirmed that this is not all players can expect while the Season of the Lost continues as there is more content in the pipeline. This includes future free in game events that players will be able to take part in, likely around Christmas time to bring a bit of cheer, celebrations for Bungie’s 30th anniversary, and some other content that Bungie has planned but has not revealed just yet for the future of Destiny 2 and beyond.

Source: Press Release/YouTube

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