Report: Ubisoft have sent out region encoded versions of Far Cry 6, blocking the PS4 to PS5 upgrade

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Some players of Far Cry 6 have found that they cannot upgrade the PS4 version of the game to play on PS5, despite having entitlement to do so. The issue seems to be affecting players in the UK and a few other European countries and seems to be down to region locking.

Players have found that they have been sent the Russian version Far Cry 6 rather than their local version and you cannot upgrade the Russian copy from PS4 to PS5 on the UK PlayStation Store.


Ubisoft had similar problems with the launch of Watch Dogs Legion and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. Ubisoft have sent a statement to Eurogamer in regards to the issue.

The team is aware of reports that some players are unable to upgrade their PlayStation 4 version of Far Cry 6 to the PlayStation 5 version. We are investigating the issue and will provide an update ASAP.

Far Cry 6 has proved a solid if unremarkable entry to the franchise, scoring 7/10 in our review. “Far Cry 6 feels like a sequel that was made because there needed to be a sequel, that’s making changes because it needs to show progress,” said Gareth. “The previous three numbered games in the series felt like they had their own identity and tried to offer more and more options to the player, but Far Cry 6 is a lateral move towards something that isn’t quite the Far Cry I originally loved.”

The game has met criticism from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, aka PETA, who have called on Ubisoft to remove the cockfighting minigame from Far Cry 6 as the organisation claims that Ubisoft’s game promotes cockfighting as a sport. Ubisoft has not responded to PETA’s demand to remove the minigame from Far Cry 6, and replace it with something else.

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Source: Eurogamer / Twitter

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  1. Yep – It’s really annoying. Bought my copy from a UK Retailer (& from the same place my PS5 came from, to add insult to injury) & instead of the ‘upgrade’ option you usually get with this kind of thing, it just wants me to pay full price again.

    Can I make a Russian account to get around it? Probably. Should I have to? Err, no.

    • Actually, it seems that they have maybe sorted it out now – Saw reports that people were able to access it now (via comments on PSNProfiles/Reddit etc) & sure enough, when I popped the disc back in, I was able to upgrade to the PS5 version.

      Sure, I had to uninstall the PS4 version first & rather than it being a ‘free’ upgrade, it appeared more like it was discounted to have no cost (as the cost was crossed out, which I don’t think I have seen before with these things), but whatever I guess! :)

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