Marvel’s Avengers characters we want to see in-game

Marvel's Avengers Characters We Want To See 500

Marvel’s Avengers is all about the characters. Plucked from decades of comic book lore and legacy, each of the playable heroes has their own unique set of abilities and upgrades.

The objective of any superhero video game should be allowing players to harness these fantastical powers, embodying their favourite characters from Marvel’s cross-media universe.


We’ve seen plenty of games nail that feeling, even in past generations – we’re looking at you Spider-Man 2 and The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction. Marvel’s Avengers doesn’t have quite the same wow factor though this is due to how it juggles multiple characters, all with very different playstyles.

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The game hasn’t been a hit with everyone. However, it continues to enjoy a thriving community and has received multiple major content updates since it launched in 2020.

Which characters can you play as?

Currently, Marvel’s Avengers features 9 playable characters, including:

  • Captain America
  • Iron Man
  • Thor
  • Hulk
  • Black Widow
  • Ms. Marvel
  • Kate Bishop
  • Hawkeye
  • Black Panther

Although there’s definitely some gameplay overlap, each hero has their own unique moveset, combos, powers, and mechanics to help set them apart from one another.

Marvel's Avengers Characters Who To Play As

For example, Thor can supercharge melee attacks with lightning while the Hulk can grab enemies, using them as weapons. Even similar Marvel’s Avengers characters such as Hawkeye and Kate Bishop feel completely different, one focused on technical long range attacks with the other teleporting around the battle to disorient foes and seize vantage points.

Marvel’s Avengers Character We Want To See

One of the most exciting discussions surrounding Marvel’s Avengers is which characters will eventually make their way into the game’s roster. Not long after the game launched, dataminers were able to get their hand on a list of supposedly “leaked” characters which mentions Ant-Man, War Machine, She-Hulk, Winter Soldier, and more.

It’s likely Crystal Dynamics already has several characters in the pipeline. The next confirmed hero coming to Marvel’s Avengers is Spider-Man, who will be exclusive to PlayStation versions of the game.

Let’s explore a handful of Marvel’s Avengers characters we want to see and why.

Marvel's Avengers Characters Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange

If there’s one complaint we have with most of the characters currently available, it’s that they’re all pretty grounded. Doctor Strange would open the door to a completely new realm of possibilities thanks to his magic powers. Whether pulling from the comics or the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Sorcerer Supreme easily has the flashiest, most mind-boggling array of powers. It’s hard to imagine how these would be translated for Marvel’s Avengers – then again, that’s what makes his potential appearance in-game all the more exciting.

Scarlet Witch

A core member of the Avengers team, we would be surprised if Wanda Maximoff doesn’t show up at some point. Many of the reasons behind her inclusion mirror those for Doctor Strange. We’re used to seeing characters in Marvel’s Avengers fight with fists, guns, and military tech. Scarlet Witch would inject some much needed flare and diversity, her backstory also making her an ideal pick.

Marvel's Avengers Characters Star-Lord


The once obscure Star-Lord and his crew have quickly become Marvel mainstays thanks to their blockbusting appearance within the MCU. Square Enix is already looking to leverage this popularity by creating its own Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy video game – something that no doubt impacts the chances that Star-Lord will join the list of playable Avengers characters. Donning a pair of thruster boots and dual pistols, he’d make for a scrappy fighter able to weave in and out of combat, joining Thor and Iron Man as a hero that can fly.


The main reason for choosing these characters comes down to their potential for adding cool gameplay or story concepts to Marvel’s Avengers. Being able to alternate in size, Wasp could be an incredibly fun hero to play as, shrinking and then zipping around her beguiled enemies – flying would be an added bonus. Having a new story chapter set within the Quantum Realm would also serve up some creative encounters, building on the Ant-Man lore already present in-game.

Whatever Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics have planned for their next Marvel’s Avengers characters, we’re hoping heroes who are just as imaginative as they are fun to play.

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