Gotham Knights’ new story trailer introduces the Court of Owls

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A new trailer for Gotham Knights has been released during DC Fandome, giving us a look at the threat that the young heroes face: the Court of Owls. The only problem? They’re having to turn to the Penguin to find out more about this threat.


The Court of Owls is a relatively recent addition to the Batman universe, having been created for the ‘New 52’ era of DC comics. A criminal society that has existed since Gotham’s founding, they’ve existed in the background, pulling the strings of the city as a secretive cabal.

Where Batman uncovered and defeated a number of Court of Owls plots in the comics, the game’s announcement revealed that Bruce Wayne was dead at their hands, with the Gotham Knights of Batgirl, Nightwing, Red Hood and Robin stepping up to fill his bat-boots.

A ‘Behind the Scenes’ video digs into the story’s origins and how WB Games Montreal took the original Court of Owls stories and turned them into something new in the game, as well as some new twists that will be added to the gameplay.

While there was plenty of speculation immediately around its announcement last year, Gotham Knights is not a part of the Arkhamverse by Rocksteady Studios, but will put its own spin on the DC universe as these four younger heroes seek to save Gotham.

Gotham Knights was revealed last August in the 2020’s DC FanDome event. Right alongside the game’s announcement, WB Games Montreal also showed off plenty of gameplay, featuring a Batgirl and Robin team up to fight Mr. Freeze and his goons in a fortress of ice created by a large weather machine. With four heroes to choose from, the game will also bring some co-op play to the table, though this will be limited to two player multiplayer.

While originally planned for a 2021 release date, Warner Bros. decided that their team needed more time to fully realise their vision for Gotham Knights, pushing the release back to 2022. When it does arrive, Gotham Knights will release across PS4, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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