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Warner Bros. has released a new story trailer for Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, the next game from Batman: Arkham series developer Rocksteady. The game is due out in 2022 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC.


Featuring Harley Quinn, Captain Boomerang, Deadshot and King Shark as Task Force X, you’re sent into a devastated Metropolis that has seemingly been invaded by some gigantic alien presence. Oh, and that purple stuff? Yeah, it’s infected the Justice League.

How exactly this foursome is meant to feasibly combat Green Lantern, Batman, Flash, Superman and Wonder Woman (though we only really get to see Supes and Flash in the trailer) isn’t clear, but the story trailer does seem to suggest that the Suicide Squad gets quite far in their mission…. despite constantly getting battered and finding themselves in very tricky situations.

There’s also a wicked twist to the game’s tone, keeping in line with the comics and films. Let’s hope it’s closer to ‘The Suicide Squad’ and less ‘Suicide Squad’ with its script.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League was announced at the last DC Fandome in August 2020, and it’s actually quite impressive how close the graphics in the new story trailer (which could be presumed to be in engine) are to the fully CGI trailer from last year. The game was confirmed after years and years of speculation on what Rocksteady were developing after concluding their Batman: Arkham trilogy in 2015. Rumours had pointed to both Suicide Squad and Justice League games, with the truth being…. both!

One positive note is that, one year on from its reveal, Suicide Squad is still on target for a 2022 release. Everything else on Warner Bros. release slate has been delayed significantly, with pretty much all of their planned 2020 and 2021 games slipping to 2022 instead. In January Hogwarts Legacy was shoved from 2021 to 2022, which was followed by Gotham Knights also getting the heave-ho out of this year and into next and eventually LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga. The only game that’s made it out (despite being delayed) is Left 4 Dead successor Back 4 Blood, which arrived earlier this week.

Here’s hoping that our next glimpse of Suicide Squad shows off some gameplay.

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