Splitgate update 1.10 fixes Halloween map on PlayStation

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Splitgate update 1.10 is now live with a fresh wave of game improvements and fixes. You will need to download and install this newest patch to jump online and start playing matches.


The new update follows the arrival of Splitgate’s Halloween event. During the October celebrations, the frenetic multiplayer shooter has received a spooky makeover.

Splitgate is currently rocking a temporary new look for the season, with a glut of challenges to unlock themed cosmetics for your character.

Splitgate update 1.10 follows this up with a few quick fixes. Most prominently, PlayStation users have been experiencing in-game crashes when playing the Spooky Stadium map on PS4 and PS5. This is said to have been fixed in the latest patch which also makes some over minor changes.

Splitgate Update 1.10 Patch Notes

  • Addressed the Spooky Stadium map crashes on PlayStation.
  • Added performance improvements
  • Added general stability fixes.
  • Other minor bug fixes.

Rising from obscurity earlier this year, Splitgate has rapidly become one of 2021’s breakout hits. Developer 1047 Games is very open when it comes to discussing the game’s influences, marketing Splitgate as “Halo meets Portal”.

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It’s a fantastic fusion and one that combines punchy arcade shooting with a fiendish strategic layer as combatants teleport to get the drop on their enemies. Being free-to-play has also been a huge boon for Splitgate.

For 1047 Games, it’s been a long journey. Splitgate had been in testing a long time before pivoting to the game we have now. The team’s hard work has certainly paid off – in September they announced that the studio would remain independent, having received $100 million in funding.

With arena style shooters having falling out of fashion some years ago, we could be looking at a comeback with Splitgate leading the charge. Bethesda just dropped a remastered version of Quake, complete with all expansions, mod support, and even online cross-play.

If you’ve yet to play Splitgate, it’s out now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One with a native version in the pipeline for newer consoles.

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