Dbrand PS5 faceplates dodge Sony cease & desist with new design

Dbrand Darkplates 2.0 for PS5 Header

Dbrand has declared “Checkmate, lawyers,” in a little legal spat with Sony over their first aftermarket PlayStation 5 faceplates. The company had removed their original Darkplates over the weekend, following a cease & desist letter from Sony, but has now revealed the Darkplates 2.0, changing the design in a way that they claim makes them immune to new lawsuits.

The Darkplates 2.0 still retain the essential form of the PS5‘s removable faceplates, but has rounded off the shape in several areas, most notably at the top of the PS5 where the official faceplates protrude beyond the body of the console. Not only that, but Dbrand has also cut some fan grills on both sides to allow for the PS5’s fan to pull more directly from the surroundings. They state that this will help the console run cooler, though that’s doubtful considering the way that the console has been engineered.


They come in three colours, a black, white and “unnamed classic console” grey. The new design might appeal to people for more than just the fact that it’s black, after all.

The new Darkplates 2.0 are on pre-order for both digital edition and disc edition PlayStation 5 at an introductory price of $59.05, a $10 discount. Shipping has already slipped to January 2022.

Dbrand Darkplates 2.0 for PS5

The original Darkplates were removed over the weekend, with Sony following through on Dbrand’s original challenge to sue them over the aftermarket part. While Sony does not offer their own faceplates, they have been pretty keen to shut down third party attempts which is kind of crummy if you want a different look to the PS5’s white and black design, but don’t want to break out the spray paint cans yourself.

Sony might have thought they had quickly won against Dbrand, but the company has come back with the new design and more taunting. Say what you will about the new design, but you’ve got to admire the company’s preparedness and chutzpah to turn this into a marketing opportunity.

They write:

“Imagine this: you’re a ¥15,000,000,000,000 enterprise who just spent a small fortune designing their next-generation gaming console. A privately held corporation run by robots makes it black. The world rejoices. You’re livid. You vent your frustrations to a team of lawyers. They get to work. Now, under threat of litigation, those robots have to redesign their Darkplates… while also funding a legal defense. Needless to say, some corners were cut. You’re welcome.”

Further down the page, they say:

“If you’ve made it this far down the page without buying anything, you’re probably a lawyer. Good news for us, bad news for you: there (probably) aren’t any newly-approved patents on custom LED lightstrips, middle skins, or all-new Darkplates 2.0 colorways. Serve us another C&D if we’re wrong.”

i guess we’ll see how long that lasts…

Source: Dbrand

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  1. Is it me or has the word colorway just been invented recently? Keep seeing it and had never heard of it before!

    • I think it’s become much more widely used over the last 10 years or so, possibly an Americanism that’s filtered through, or a term used in one industry (like fashion) that has spread to general usage.

      • It’s used in Aliens Fireteam for the different gun “skins” and I’ve seen it in a few more places since, like this. Seems its becoming the replacement for it maybe. Which I’m all for as I always thought skins sounded a bit odd.

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