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Tonight’s State of Play stream wrapped up with a good long look at Little Devil Inside with a new gameplay trailer. It’s got a vibe that I’m really liking, so check it out. The game is announced for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC, expected to release in 2022, with Xbox One and Nintendo Switch versions to follow.


It’s been what feels like aeons since Little Devil Inside was thrown onto Kickstarter to get crowdfunding all the way back in 2015. That’s so long ago that bringing the game to Nintendo Wii U was a stretch goal!

The trailer opens by introducing Billy as he catches a train to set out on a job. The trailer narrates as Billy checks the letter he received that takes him to Cornfield Station to meet a professor, but wanders up and talks to an old lady instead.

There’s a really intriguing blend and shift between the overworld map where little figurines totter around, and then small instances such as this, the camera pulling all the way in to show the stylised models interacting with one another. It could be to buy goods or ask for directions. The world map can feature events like a flock of sheep blocking the road that you have to disperse before you can progress.

Billy’s task is to reach a creepy looking mansion, pick up and artifact and deliver it to Prof. Vincent, but the job goes awry. After leaving the mansion, the world is transformed. Strange looking creatures appear and Billy has to battle them to survive, able to stick enemies with his sword and throw them around.

The rest of the trailer shows Billy in the middle of the sea doing a spot of fishing, wandering the desert and cooking, getting caught in a snow blizzard, and facing a terrifying robotic creature that suddenly appears at the end of a tunnel.

It looks and sounds fantastic, and we can’t wait to see more as it heads toward release in 2022.

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  1. Probably the only thing that redeemed last nights stream for me, it looks stunning, especially up close. I’m not fond of the use of ‘universal gibberish’ as character chat but the narration should make up for that.

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