Bright Memory Infinite release date set for PC

Bright Memory: Infinite has its release date set for next month, the game’s publisher Playism has confirmed.


The sequel to frenetic FPS, Bright Memory, will be arriving on PC first via both Steam and GOG on November 11, 2021. As with the original game, Infinite will also launch on Xbox One and Xbox Series X though a date for this version hasn’t been announced at this time.

Created by one-man studio FYQD, Bright Memory originally caught our attention with its flashy use of Unreal Engine. Then of course there was its fast-paced “fusion” style of action gameplay which mixed shooting with superhero-like powers and brutal melee.

For more on Bright Memory: Infinite, here’s an official breakdown:

Bright Memory: Infinite expands on the visceral combat experience of its prequel Bright Memory, which thrilled hundreds of thousands of players on Steam and Xbox Series. Utilize guns, blades, and special abilities altering time and gravity to slay mythological beasts and futuristic soldiers in brutal fashion and rack up dazzling combos in the process.

Slice off enemy limbs then deploy new wall-running and blocking techniques. Use each weapon’s new special effect with the last bullet, such as tracking missiles or incendiary bombs, and leave no foe in one piece. Upgrade protagonist Shelia’s weapon proficiency and skills with a detailed skill tree, enabling a highly-customizable combat experience.

Strange phenomena take over the skies of China on Chinese New Year’s Eve in 2036. Shelia, an elite investigator at the Supernatural Science Research Organization, receives orders to investigate the phenomenon. It is soon discovered that these strange occurrences are connected to an archaic mystery – an as-of-yet unknown history of two worlds, about to come to light…

FYQD Studio worked closely with NVIDIA throughout the entire development process of Bright Memory: Infinite after the addition of ray tracing and NVIDIA DLSS to the original Bright Memory, and the release of the Bright Memory: Infinite Ray Tracing Benchmark. Bright Memory: Infinite features DLSS, ray-traced reflections, shadows, caustic effects, and global illumination, along with NVIDIA Reflex to minimize latency for an unforgettable experience.

In our Bright Memory review for Xbox Series X, we scored the game a 5 out of 10. While it had some interesting ideas, it was a bit all over the place. Our main takeaway was the hope that Infinite will prove to be a more robust, stable full package. We’ll find out on November 11th.

Source: Steam

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