Shadow Warrior 3 gets an official delayed trailer as the game has been delayed

Shadow Warrior 2 delayed
Shadow Warrior 2 delayed

Devolver Digital have announced that Shadow Warrior 3 will miss it’s release date of this year and will now arrive some time in 2022. In typical Devolver Digital style they have released the news with an “Official 2022 Delay Trailer” which you can watch below.


Earlier this year a trailer for the first person shooter gave us a good look at the game. Much of the trailer shows enemies getting shot and destroyed by the main character, Lo Wang. The gameplay does look fast paced with multiple enemies appearing on the screen to attack the player.

The trailer kicks off with the Hattori who is armed with a large sword and seems to be inspired by the Ronin, in part thanks to their big hats. The second enemy is the Seeking Shokera which flies above the player and attacks from a distance and do appear to move quite slowly. Third in the showcase is the Gassy Obarion which is a larger brute that is armed with dual miniguns. Next are the Shogai which seem like more basic enemies that do not appear to have much health, though the can attack quickly and are athletic.

Following on from that are the Slinky Jakku which appear to leap towards players as well as using their slinky like bodies to avoid attacks. Oni Hanma is another large brute though this one is armed with a very large hammer so keeping the distance is key to take it down. Kugutsu seem similar to the Shogai in that they are also quite weak and appear to be nothing more than fodder. The Mogura Twins look like more of a challenge. These enemies can drill underground and emerge by launching into the air to throw discs at the player.

Having revived the classic shooter series in 2013, Flying Wild Hog took their first sequel in new and interesting directions, with the integration of new “looter shooter” style gameplay mechanics and co-op. In the run up to Shadow Warrior 3’s reveal last summer, Game Director Kuba Opoń said, “We hope that Shadow Warrior 3 will feel like a homecoming for those fans that have been with us since the beginning.”

Jim handled our Shadow Warrior 2 review for its 2017 console release, writing:

“Flying Wild Hog has gone well beyond churning out a simple sequel to its rebooted series. Shadow Warrior 2 stands on its own as a frenzied yet fresh blending of genres that can easily enthral groups of players for hours at a time. For lone wolves, the looting and shooting will be slightly less appealing. This, and a few smaller hitches, hold the game back from greatness, though die-hard fans of the genre will certainly get their fill.”

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