Ghost of Tsushima Iki Island prints added to fine art collection

ghost of tsushima artwork prints iki island

Sony and Sucker Punch have unveiled a series of new Ghost of Tsushima fine art prints, immortalising Iki Island.

The new collection is available to view and purchase via art specialists Cook and Becker. However, if you’re looking to hang one of these on your wall, expect to pay over $100 per print. These are clearly targeted at the more affluent video game fans and collectors, with bigger, framed versions of these Ghost of Tsushima artworks priced at more than $1,200.

That said, they do look stunning. Ghost of Tsushima recently launched on PS5 with a new Director’s Cut edition being made available. As part of this, Sucker Punch introduced a meaty slab of singleplayer content that had Jin exploring the exotic Iki Island.

If you’re looking for GoT merch that won’t leave you bankrupt, Fangamer revealed a new Sakai Fox Plush. There’s also this fine-looking Jin Sakai statue from Gamestop.

It’s unlikely we’ll be seeing more Ghost of Tsushima DLC. While there’s certainly room for side stories such as Iki Island, Sucker Punch has likely moved onto its next big project. If anything, we’ll hopefully see Legends continue to receive more content. The recent Rivals update added a clever competitive mode, completely free.

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