Honor of Kings: World action RPG revealed


Honor of Kings: World, an open world RPG based off the mobile title Honor of Kings, has been announced by Tencent Games and TiMi Studio Group. Honor of Kings: World will be released worldwide across multiple platforms but those, along with a release date, have yet to be confirmed. The trailer shows the world and also gameplay including a battle between the player and their party with a mxi of melee and magic, against a big, fiery beast. Graphically, the game does looks impressive.


The original Honor of Kings is a MOBA that released in 2015 in China, and was originally called League of Kings. However, the name was changed following complaints that the name was too similar League of Legends. Outside of China, the title is known as Arena of Valor, and in total the game has attracted over 100 million players. Arena of Valor has had some crossover with other franchises, with Batman being a playable hero within the MOBA.

Source: Gematsu

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