eFootball 2022 bug fix update dated by Konami

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Konami has announced when players can expected the next eFootball 2022 bug fix update.

Those who downloaded the free-to-play footie title have been eagerly awaiting for news on when issues will be fixed.

Konami confirmed that eFootball update v0.9.1 is coming to PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC later this week on November 5th.

There will be no new content in this latest patch. As the publisher states, “this update serves to fix bugs only, with detailed patch notes made available on our website at the time of release”.

Shortly after eFootball 2022’s launch, it was met with a savage backlash from the Pro Evolution Soccer community. Konami responded by assuring users it was looking into reports and would fix “cut-scenes, facial expressions, movements of players, and the behaviour of the ball” in an upcoming update.

While it’s clear to see that Konami is taking a gamble with this reboot for the beloved footie franchise, their initial offering is laughably thin. Key modes and features are missing on day one with only a smattering of teams and concerns over how the publisher will monetise eFootball going forward.

efootball 2022 roadmap

So what’s next for eFootball 2022? There are plenty of PES fans waiting for Konami to release the previously announced mobile version of the game. There is no confirmed release date for this handheld port, which is currently planned for both a Android and iOS release, available via Google Play and the App Store respectively.

Looking at the roadmap, eFootball 2022 on mobile is still due to launch during “winter” with full cross platform play soon to follow. This will allow all players to take part in online matches, regardless of which device or system they’re playing on. However, it’s worth noting that mobile users will need to use a controller to play those on other platforms.

The Match Pass system is also on its way. Similar to how other free-to-play and live service games use a battle pass, the Match Pass will dish out rewards as you play from season to season.

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