Animal Crossing New Horizons Guide – How to collect Gyroids and where to find them?

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Gyroids are back with Animal Crossing: New Horizons update version 2.0, but collecting these bizarre little musical thingamajigs isn’t immediately obvious. Here’s how you can find them, and how to collect and customise them.

How to collect Gyroids Fragments

Collecting Gyroids in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a two-step process. First you need to find Gyroid fragments, and then you need to restore them into full Gyroids.

Gyroid fragments are found buried in the ground, much like fossils are, but the twist here is that they aren’t on your island. Instead you need to go and visit Kapp’n at your island’s dock and go on a mystery boat trip to another isle. This will cost you 1,000 Nook Miles and can only be undertaken once per day.

Animal Crossing Gyroids Guide Kapp'n

Head on an island tour with Kapp’n if you want to find Gyroids.

After savouring Kapp’n’s unique musical renditions on the trip over, you’ll end up on an island that can contain any number of things. It’s not limited to your particular season or hemisphere. One thing that you will be able to find is a Gyroid Fragment. There is typically one buried fragment to find on the island with the telltale crack in the ground signifying where you should dig.

Animal Crossing Gyroids Guide Fragment

Look for a telltale crack in the ground on a Kapp’n island to find a Gyroid Fragment

If you’ve just spoken to Blathers about opening up Brewster’s café The Roost, then Brewster will be present on the next Kapp’n island you visit. He’s a Gyroid enthusiast and will gift you a Gyroid Fragment as well as giving you tips on what to do next.

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OK, so you’ve got your Gyroid fragment. What next?

How to grow Gyroids

Gyroids are incredibly simple to restore from their fragments. Once you return to your island, find a spot that you like the look of, dig a hole, place the Gyroid Fragment in the hole and then water it with a watering can. You’ll know that you’ve done this right because the hole will give off little wisps of smoke.

Animal Crossing Gyroids Guide Watering Can

Water buried Gyroid Fragments to restore them to their usual selves.

Come back to dig it up the next day and you’ll have yourself one bonafide Gyroid. Just pop it down wherever you please and it’ll bop and chirp along with the world.

How to customise Gyroids

Customising Gyroids is as simple as going to a workbench anywhere on the island with a Gyroid in your inventory. From here you’ll be able to mix up the colours of the Gyroid, which is handy if you’re going for a particular aesthetic.

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