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Animal Crossing: New Horizons update 2.0 has added full-on cooking to the slice-of-life game, and we couldn’t wait to dive into this new element. The hold up? We needed to find various ingredients for all our culinary DIY wants and desires!

It’s not immediately obvious how to get started with this, especially if you’ve been away from Animal Crossing: New Horizons for several months. Here’s how to get Flour and Sugar, as well as all the other ingredients you need to cook up a storm.

Where can I get Flour and Sugar?

While it’s obvious that you need to grow tomato plants, potatoes and carrots to get those ingredients, at first glance you might wonder how you can get flour and sugar for cooking in ACNH. The fact of the matter is that you can’t just buy a 1kg bag in the shop for a few Bells, but that these require you to grow wheat and sugarcane and then craft for yourself.

Animal Crossing Gyroids Guide Flour Sugar Recipe

You need flour and sugar for lots of recipes, but how do you get it?

To do this, you either need wheat and sugarcane starts, or to find these plants already growing in the wild. This gives you two methods for getting these ingredients.

Getting wheat and sugarcane starts

As with growing pumpkins, which was added for the Halloween seasonal event, you get your starts from Leif, the happy plant-loving sloth. Leif will appear in the plaza every once in a while, but there’s also a new, guaranteed way to visit him whenever you want.

Animal Crossing Gyroids Guide Harv's Island

Harv’s turning his island into a shopping destination.

Harv’s Island has had a huge makeover, letting you contribute your hard earned cash to unlock permanent vendor spots for Leif and all the other travelling sales-animals of Animal Crossing. This will cost 100,000 Bells per vendor, after which they will appear at Harv’s Island from the next day (whenever they aren’t at your island).

Leif will sell various starts, but his inventory will rotate, so wheat and sugarcane is not guaranteed. In fact, all I had the option for was potatoes on my first visit to him.

Animal Crossing Gyroids Guide Leif Buy Seeds Starts

Sad potato. There’s no wheat or sugarcane today…

Where to find wheat and sugarcane plants

The other place that you can find wheat and sugarcane is in growing plant form. They won’t happen naturally on your island, but can appear on Kapp’n’s boat tours to mystery islands. Pay your 1,000 Nook Miles, hop on to his boat, listen to his quirky song, and cross your fingers that the island you find has more than just Gyroid Fragments.

You can harvest the wheat and sugarcane from these growing plants, but whip out a shovel and you can dig up the plants to relocate to your island. I hope you’ve got enough inventory space!

How to make Flour and Sugar

Once planted, make sure to water your flour and sugarcane each day, ensuring they get the telltale sparkle of having been freshly watered. It will take a few days before you can harvest, the same as it will be for potatoes, carrots, tomatoes and other vegetables.

Animal Crossing Gyroids Guide Find Wheat Sugar Recipe

Once you’ve harvested enough wheat and sugarcane, it’s time to get cooking!

Making flour and sugar is as simple as visiting a cooking hob and entering the Cooking DIY menu. Whether it’s wholemeal flour, white flour or sugar, you will need five of the respective ingredient, and end up with 10 bags for your efforts.

Now, finally, you can use flour and sugar for cooking!

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